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New Instant Definition mascara from Clarins

This week, I tested for the first time the new mascara from Clarins launched this fall: Instant Definition.

I find it very interesting, since it addresses several needs of women who wear makeup: it gives a lot of volume, lengthens and defines lashes, although he grabs and stretches the tiny hairs, its color is super intense, it combines conventional brush and rubberbrush and it gives dramatic results in less than two!

I love!

Here also the introduction to the product of Clarins: “Your mascara never black or intense enough? You can not make-up properly lashes shorter or those ends?You want your mascara gives volume, length to your lashes while combing and stretching small short lashes for a glamorous result?

Here Instant Definition, a new generation mascara specifically designed to meet the needs of women without disrupting their movements classic application: a double brush Clarins exclusive patented combined with a new generation formula that takes care of lashes for a spectacular panoramic snapshot result . ‘

I decided to tell you about this mascara because it does exactly what I like a mascara: it gives a lot of volume, and quickly. No need for multiple layers to infinity. One coat is enough to give a great volume, so it is ideal for pressed like me! I also liked the fact that the tip of his brush (elastomer) also gives a lot of volume to lashes internal, often ignored by traditional brushes.

Clarins Mascara Instant Definition

In fact, the formula of the mascara is very interesting because it is just thick enough to give instant results, but just enough fluid to fully extend. But it’s all in the brush, as it is innovative.

Double-brosse brevetée

Patented double-brush

It combines:

A brush with nylon fibers for a spectacular volume:

Fabric-lashes instantly over their entire length with a service clamped fibers.

Cap-quickly and easily each lash with its ovoid shape which perfectly matches the natural curve of the lashes.

-Removing the formula evenly and generously to the lashes in a single stroke with its cylindrical fibers that stretch the full proceeds from the root to the tip.

pins and a cap for a definition of elastomer-measure:

Hook-and sublime smallest lashes corners and ends a traditional mascara forget its path, thanks to its ergonomic shape and fine.

-Enrobe and every lash comb through targeted action of two different types of spikes: shorter coat paint long while. They give the brush a maximum of flexibility to reach lashes and perfectly defined.

We can therefore work in all directions to achieve the desired effect.

I also really like the tube, super chic metallic finish and gold rectangular.

I tested the 01 Intense Black color (which is actually a very deep intense black), but there are also Intense Intense Brown and Blue.

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