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New Kohl Eyeliner from L’Oréal Paris HIP

I told you some time ago the mineral powder kohl L’Oreal Paris, which was ultimately never made ​​it to Canada, at least that I know of. So I was wondering what we were going to have an equivalent. Well now he has arrived: Here are the HIP Kohl Eyeliner High Intensity Pigments L’Oreal Paris, a loose powder kohl flexible felt tip applicator with ultra-fine and accurate. I love this product!













The color I procured is black, but also exsite other beautiful colors such as gold, burgundy, teal green (teal) or blue.

I tested the kohl eyeliner as first eye (outside of the eye near the lash). The application is very easy, with apencil or liquid eyeliner. The tip allows great precision. One can adjust the degree of opacity by multiplying the layers. I especially liked the smoked effect brings the powder. The product has held all day, a little less than a liquid liner against, but a cream eyeliner. The only thing I like least is that since it is a loose powder, it falls a bit on the cheeks or under the eyes, and should be well not to sweep it remained stained . I may also rermarqué that the product had paled slightly at the end of the day.

Pointe feutre précise

Precise felt tip


Application modulable

Flexible Application


To the side kohl (inside the eye), I have tried the evening with me, because I never wear kohl to leave home. I do not have a form which allows the eye kohl. For cons, I really liked the application, as well as the version of Guerlain (Terracotta loose powder kohl). These loose powder kohl are easier to apply to the inside of the eye as a pencil, because he just place the rod in the inner corner of the eye, close the eye over and pull the bag outwards. Then opened the eye, then click a little so that the powder adheres well to the skin and small voila. So we end up with the entire interior of the eye makeup for both the skin below that of the above (which is very difficult to make up normally, with a pencil, no one blinked, that or we cry it bothers us too). The only disadvantage is that it can keep a little powder inside the eye, but after ten minutes, the residue will accumulate for themselves in the inner corner of the eye. If not you can take a cotton swab moistened with water or artificial tears and removes excess that remains in the eye.

This product is very interesting, especially for beginners who have difficulty with the application of eye pencilor eyeliner and want a less defined with a liquid eyeliner.

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