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New Lancôme Mascara Hypnose Drama

From the time that I expected one, now it has finally arrived, Youppi! Being a fan of the regular version of Hypnôse, I really look forward to testing version “dramatic”. There is now a week since I use Hypnose Drama, and here is my assessment details.

Lancôme Mascara Hypnôse Drama

Lancôme Hypnose Drama Mascara

Category: Mascara

Name: Hypnose Drama

Brand: Lancôme

Price: Around $ 30 CA / 27 €

Overall Rating: Evaluation 4 etoiles

Key Features:

Volume 14 instant-intense X

Brush-unprecedented very large S-shaped

Also, extending

Available colors: 1 – Excessive Black

Lancôme Hypnôse Drama

Lancôme Hypnose Drama

Description officiell e: Always striving for excellence, Lancôme Hypnose Drama for today creates a new staging fascinating look reinventing the oversized brush. Its generous curves, associated with its formula enveloping offer women a look intensified and volume of eyelashes exponential … In just a few passages, Hypnose Drama reveals a hypnotic sensuality. Always bespoke modular infinity, the volume is multiplied eyelashes and leaves to excess wear to redefine the expression of the eyes.

A new generation formula, a disproportionate volume

For lashes volume that flirts with indecency, black ink formula Hypnôse Drama can be worked and reworked without limit … Creamy, non-sticky, it glides along divinely to coat each lash and ‘expand immediately and completely from the root to the tip. Due to its high concentration waxes, volume is instantly multiplied.

Hypnose Drama dress eyelashes deep black, pure and bright with intense pigments. A true black for excessive lashes exponentially.



Brush generously convex, optimal contact with the eyelashes

Lancôme reinterprets the oversized brush for designing a new brush Hypnose Drama convex disproportionate. In perfect harmony with the texture, brush this revolutionary form opens eyes wide angle and expands the volume instantly. Curved to fit the edge of the lashes as close as it combines short bristles, which catch the eyelashes, even the smallest, all angles and long hairs that increase the volume and carve a dramatic lashes. Its soft fibers provide a perfectly smooth sheathing eyelashes to the tip. Thanks to the unique division of the pins and its flattened shape, square, this brush gifted provides greater surface contact with the eyelashes. Coated texture, it can construct a disproportionate volume in just a few passages … The look reveals its depth.

Application techniques Drama Lancôme signed

Position the brush at the base of the lashes, then gently slide the tip up. His arch-shaped “S” can build a snapshot volume, more intense than any other brush Lancôme.Grâce its angled end, all lashes, even the shortest, are made up with accuracy from the first application.

Build the volume of your lashes to measure, by multiplying the passages.

Great design, feminine and sensual …

Hypnose Drama melts into a reinterpretation of the sensual lines of Hypnôse classic well-rounded and feminine, this new design, with its voluptuous, plays with excess makeup result and reflects the generous.

Personal Assessment: This mascara gives volume truly insane! And two layers are sufficient (and one for the most conservative). In addition, I noticed a considerable lengthening effect and a “lift” the lashes upwards, so a bending effect. I liked the brush, you can use the side or flat, providing a variety of effects. So advice to those who like a natural look, this mascara is not for you. It gives an effect downright false eyelashes. This mascara is perfect for a smoky eye for an evening or for maniacs lashes like me, every day and every occasion.

The only thing I like least is that it is a little packet. The trick is to apply a thin layer first, then wait 30 seconds before applying the second coat. It helps to make fewer packets, because if we go merrily on the first layer, we might make, because the formula is very thick mascara, and the reducer orifice is very large, so that the brush has a lot of product deposited thereon when taken out of the vial. There would also be the option to scratch the brush against the neck of the bottle to remove excess mascara, but suddenly, we would file under the eyelashes and so the volume would be less instantaneous.

The dress is very good, as all Lancôme mascaras, and the formula will not stain the skin. I found a few flakes, but nothing shocking, comparable to most regular mascaras.

So overall, this is a mascara that is worth considering the final look, but it will take a little work with a separator comb or a brush to clean mascara to separate the lashes. Thus, we obtain a super glamorous look divert attention.


Amplification extreme lash-


-Extends lashes and curls


-Made a few packages

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