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New Nail Polish Color Show Maybelline

To ensure a collection of nail polish colors trends than ever, Maybelline decided to launch range Color Show, 30 nail polish available in 4 finishes: regular, metallic, denim and cracked. I went to see the site of the brand what happened to Express Finish nail. They are no longer there. Color Show is the only varnish range now offered by Maybelline. But let’s say with 30 regular colors + 10 shades special finish, it is not the lack of choice.

Available now in all outlets for Maybelline …. tadam: CA $ 3.99! Yes yes, a beautiful varnish trend for $ 4, it does not hurt wallet! We can afford to offer all the colors you desire. And why not one for every outfit of the week?

And when I say trend is so true! Any old pink or beige-yellow pearl is available in the range. There are only vivid shades under the spotlight. So no matter what color you choose, nobody can say you’re old-fashioned!

Four finishes are very interesting:

The finish is smooth gloss (found in cream and iridescent)

Denim finish that mimics the appearance of a jean. This is amazing!

Metallic finish gives nails reproducing the appearance of precious metals.

Crackle finish gives a scaled, superimposed on one another contrasting color.

18 des 30 couleurs de la gamme

18 of the 30 colors in the range

I had the chance to test finished 4 and 8 colors!

I tested:

Les couleurs que j'ai testées. De gauche à droite : Clear 440, Blue Freeze 350, Shocking Seas 370, Denim Dash 10, Silver Stunner 50, Porcelain Party 380, Go Go Green 340 et Bold Gold 70

The colors that I tested. From left to right: Clear 440, 350 Blue Freeze, Shocking Seas 370 Denim Dash 10, 50 Stunner Silver, Porcelain Party 380, Go 340 and Go Green Bold Gold 70

Regular range: Blue Freeze 320 (royal blue and dark iridescent micro-glitter), Go Go Green 340 (green applewell dapper cream finish), Shocking Seas 370 (turquoise cream finish), Porcelain Party 380 (pure white finish cream) and Clear 440 (a transparent gloss).

Range Metallic: Bold Gold 70 (a pure liquid gold!)

Range Denim: Denim Dash 10 (a medium dark denim blue matte and iridescent both, jean effect).

Range Cracked: Silver Stunner 50 (a silver-gray sheen)

Les 8 nuances sur mes ongles. De gauche à droite : Porcelain Party 380, Bold Gold 70, Silver Stunner 50 sur un vernis fuchsia métallique d'une autre marque, Go Go Green 340, Shocking Seas 370, Denim Dash 10 et Clear 440.

8 shades on my nails. From left to right: Porcelain Party 380 70 Bold Gold, Silver Stunner 50 of fuchsia metallic varnish another brand, Go Go Green 340, Shocking Seas 370 Denim Dash Clear 10 and 440.

Please note that the photo does not do justice to the beautiful metallic finish Bold Gold. Silver Stunner 50 also has a more metallic finish it, while being less metal than Bold Gold. We do not see the high gloss finish Clear 440. Also difficult to see the effect of Denim jeans Dash 10, but it still gives an idea.

I think

I can not give general advice on all varnishes, because everyone is different. Some dry faster than others, some take longer than others, some have an extraordinary effect, some more traditional, some are more opaque, others translucent.

But in general, I’m loved, especially at such low prices!

Side opacity, cream finishes are a little more translucent. It takes at least 2 coats. Go to Go Green and Shocking Seas, two coats are sufficient, while for Porcelain Party, there have been 3, but in the photo, I have used only 2 to show the same for all colors (I applied 2 coats for all grades). Clear varnish glossy and beautiful and good, but what can I say, it is transparent. Remains that it is still an essential!

I had a crush on Blue Freeze, which is opaque, is well and gives a beautiful dark blue chic. Even after layer, the color was clearly visible. It resembles the famous Russian Navy OPI, one of my favorites, but a touch less dark.

I also LOVED the varnish Denim Dash, which gives a matt micro glitter clearer that really mimics the appearance of a jean. He was also super opaque. One coat! Is it dries faster! It also has an excellent performance.

For varnish crackle finish, I must admit (and you will see the photo), I had great difficulty in getting what I wanted. I tried over another polish Color Show and I have not had better results with a veneer of another brand. I tried on a wet lacquer and varnish on a completely dry, I tried quietly and slowly … after all these attempts, I decided to give up. The varnish dries very quickly, and it is translucent. So good to see the crackle effect, I would have had to extend quietly, well covered, but as it dries super fast, it must be applied quickly.Of the coup, the effect is too translucent, so it is not clear cracks. If I take my time, cracked does not occur. I should perhaps a bit of practice … So for now, the effect is more “worn varnish” that “cracked glaze”.

As metallic finish, it is up to my expectations. This is really metal. My Bold Gold literally looks like a real gold leaf that I have stuck to my nail. That there is also opaque enough to cover well after a single layer.

So in summary, I am satisfied with the nail polish. Their brush is precise and well-spread color. The colors I tested are superb, and I can not wait to go get me more (I’d like fuchsia and orange for the feet this summer!). Average (combining longer held with the shorter), I would say that Color Show take about 4 days, which is good. Varnishes and regular denim iridescent longer hold, while metallic cream and take a little less, but I judge them all just fine, especially at this price point.

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