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New palette Technicolor MAKE-UP FOREVER

There’s hope, spring is coming soon! And see the spring colors, especially beautiful bold colors and invigorating as those of the new Technicolor Palette MAKE-UP FOREVER, it gives me the greater good!


Technicolor Palette MAKE-UP FOREVER

Technicolor Palette MAKE-UP FOREVER

Do you know the “technical” Technicolor?

It exists since 1915 and was created by Technicolor Motion Picture Corporation. It consists of a series of processes to make feature films in color. It was in the 30s it has been used to advantage because the technique has evolved and allowed to run more easily in color. It was a revolution in cinema, because people could finally watch movies in color! Can still be found today in the generic logo Technicolor films.

The films of the time were very saturated. The colors were bright and straightforward. The technology has evolved, and the colors are realistic now, but I still love old movies because of their different colors, because they have a single dimension.

MAKE-UP FOREVER is inspired by the transition from black and white to vivid colors and pure Technicolor films of the 30s to create a palette makeup dense pigmentation, using the same techniques employed by the filmmakers, who were to saturate dark colors to make them more vivid.

Box and case

Box and case

In addition to forward colors pure and essential year-round, shades of Technicolor variants are very trendy this season!

Focus on the nuances of the pallet

Focus on the nuances of the pallet

There are three intense makeup and five classic shades. Apple green, turquoise, lilac, black, white, espresso, beige and THE color of the season: yellow, can create endless possibilities and looks both trends and timeless.

Colors on the skin

Colors on the skin

This is also the strength of this palette (and all MAKE-UP FOREVER makeup), is the very high level of pigmentation makeup. Just a small amount and makeup stay in place all day without flinching (plus a blush is pigmented, it will take more time).

I think this palette is a great investment for the season, because you can CRER all styles for all occasions.You can mix the colors with one another or overlap for a unique effect. This is the kind of range we keep for years!

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