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New range complexion makeup Maybelline Fit Me

Who wants a skin thick, chalky makeup too? Yet this is the fact that certain products gives the complexion of the market. The trend is natural complexion, bare skin effect, spotless, without looking made up. Maybellinehas decided to respond to this need with the launch of its new Fit Me, with the largest range of shades offered by Maybelline to date, with 18 shades of foundation, 18 shades of powder, 6 shades of correction , 12 shades of blush and 3 shades of bronzers. It provides coverage that fades in a lightweight and fits perfectly with all skin tones.

Maybelline Fit Me

Maybelline Fit Me

I tested the Fit Me range and here is a short summary.

Form Fit Me range is specially designed not to clog pores and allow the skin to breathe and to provide a feeling of lightness and a natural finish face. Products fade perfectly. The liquid foundation contains no filler (which often look chalky), that it provides a light coverage and a natural complexion, radiant and flawless.

Formula without wax, oil or fillers allows the skin to breathe in there perfect harmony. The ultra-light pigments provide a natural glow and perfect complexion basis.

The other advantage of Fit Me is its selector nuances. With color coding, we can all choose the perfect color for our skin, as well as to harmonize the powder, concealer and blush correspondents. It’s so easy! For example, if my foundation is # 115, just take the concealer and powder # 115 and the result is super consistent.

Fit Me range offers shades for all skin tones, including ultra clear complexions and dark skin and dark (black skin). This is very interesting, especially for products so affordable.

The foundation Fit Me

Base combined with translucent pigments ultralight can faithfully reproduce the tone and create a naturalcoverage.

I liked this foundation. It is actually very natural, but it hides imperfections well. My rashes were less apparent and I did not seem to wear a mask. It is ideal for those just starting out with makeup or those who like a foundation is light and natural. I even did compliment my complexion! Color tested was 210, a light golden beige.

It is available in 18 shades and has a sun protection factor SPF 18. Its suggested retail price is $ 9.99 CAD.

Fit Me powder

The lightweight formula blends well for a natural finish and uniform. It applies easily and blends beautifully with all skin tones.

I would add that this is one of the finest compact powders I tested, especially in the mass cosmetics. I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve even served thereafter contracts for my makeup, even brides, because this powder is totally invisible. It does not add thickness or powdery finish. It lays the foundation of lightness. I highly recommend this powder! I tested the color # 210.

It is also available in 18 shades corresponding to the foundation for $ 9.99 CA.

Corrector Fit Me

Liquid PigmentMC its technology corrects imperfections without hiding the natural glow of the skin.

As for the powder, I used to make my contracts. I loved this correction. It camouflages dark circles well, redness and imperfections and gives a natural look and bright. I tested the # 20 Sand color, ideal for fair complexions neutral.

Available in six shades for $ 9.99 CA.

The Fit Me Blush

Its silky texture and gentle fades easily for lasting color that fades and not a smooth finish.

The color I tested first, Medium Pink (a beautiful pink clear in your fishing) was slightly shiny with a thin straw.Some people might not appreciate this, but the second color I tried, Deep Purple (which corresponded to a harmony in the 300 + for dark skins) was not glittery, just light. So each color has its own end. The powders are fine and easy to apply. I liked also.

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