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New range of gloss cream Marcelle

Ladies, do not we all looking for the perfect gloss?

They are often too sticky, desiccating and keeping very short …

Range Quebec Marcelle Cosmetics, known for its hypoallergenic and non-fragrant, add a little new to his line of lip glosses Lux Gloss: Gloss Cream Lux.

Collection Marcelle Lux Gloss has a complex composed of Vita-Lip energizing active ingredients (including amino acids based lipopeptides) that aim to stimulate the production of collagen, increase lip volume and promote optimal hydration.

Lux Gloss Cream offers semi-transparent shades smooth texture and creamy finish, that is to say, without pearl or glitter. It fits very well into the trend without cream pearl finishes. Its formula is non-sticky and moisturizing is pleasant and comfortable to wear. Lux Cream Gloss promises to give your lips a glamorous look for a hyper-gloss pout look larger. It is available in 7 shades trends.

So would we finally found the perfect gloss?

The opinion of the tester:

I personally rarely use lip gloss, because I find them too often present and glitter for a look every day. I prefer to opt for a simple lip balm. However, I was charmed by the new collection Lux Gloss Cream Marcelle glosses that I can finally wear every day, even at work. Their creamy texture gloss is very natural and pleasant to wear. They are, in my opinion, slightly sticky, but create a beautiful volume to the lips. Smallproblem: I continue to apply a lip balm under my gloss, because I do not feel fully hydrated.

I had the chance to try three shades of the collection:

Nuances Rouge velouté #71, Chiquita #43 et #42 Rose tendre

Red velvet shades # 71, # 43 and Chiquita # 42 Rose tender

71 Red Velvet: a beautiful red creamy, almost as pigmented as a lipstick, that can be accompanied by a pencil lipstick for a sophisticated evening look.

43 Chiquita: Personally my favorite is a pink fuchsia, pale and delicate, perfect for spring and husband arevery well pale complexions.

Pink 42: A pink nude all day, but that would also be very nice to complement a smoky eye!

Rouge velouté, Chiquita et Roe tendre sur la peau

Red velvet, and Chiquita soft on the skin Roe

The Marcelle Lux Gloss Cream will be without doubt in my handbag! It retails for $ 10.95 at drugstores, excellent value for money.

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