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New waterproof eyebrow corrector Aqua Brow MAKE-UP FOREVER

Let it be said: the eyebrows well designed and well outlined make all the difference in a successful makeup. They are part of the face and they highlight the eyes.

Until now we used either eyebrow pencil or powder eyebrow. But these two mediums tend to disappear if you rub the face or run under water or sweat. There are always eyebrow gels with an applicator brush, but it does not meet the hairless holes and they do not give results as uniform as they simply color the hair.

So if you want a product to draw your eyebrows like a pro but remain in place all day without flinching, which resist water, abrasion and sweat, this is the product for you: Aqua Brow of MAKE-UP FOREVER.

You have provided less eyebrows or no eyebrows at all, gel squeeze tube is perfect. Unlike gels applicator brush, it can be applied with the brush of our choice. For best result, it brings out a little tube of product on a pallet, a spatula or the back of the hand (but then will the cleansing because the product can not be removed once more dry!) then take one quantity with a micro bevelled synthetic Pineau (like an eyeliner brush for example). Is then tested to ensure that the effect is not too intense, even wipe the brush on our palette, spatula or hands to remove excess, then apply along the eyebrow line taking sure to fill in the gaps (or we draw the line if we do not have eyebrows) giving small strokes to create an effect of natural hairs.

Aqua Brow formula contains volatile oils and carnauba wax to prevent product run, move and make it completely waterproof. The high concentration of pigments provides maximum coverage and a perfect color!It is so concentrated (we do not expect less than a professional brand of this quality!), A mini mini quantity sufficient to cover the eyebrows. If we apply the result is too dark or too opaque. The product lasts forever and dry lightning speed. You can go to the beach, synchronized swimming, an African safari or a marathon in the heat, our eyebrows are always immaculate!

7 nuances disponibles

7 shades available

Aqua Brow is available in 7 shades that match all the colors of eyebrows around the world! The color Light Blonde, Blonde and Ash are available at Sephora stores and MAKE-UP FOREVER while Light Brown, Dark Brown, Taupe and Brown Black are available only to shops MAKE-UP FOREVER.

Nuance #35 Taupe

Nuance # 35 Taupe

#35 Taupe sur la peau

# 35 Mole on the skin

I tested the shade Taupe, slightly grayish, which is ideal for women with gray hair or dark skin. Here’s what looks like the color on the skin. I used very little and I faded to give a more natural and translucent, but it could give effect 4 times more dark and opaque just by applying a greater amount.

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