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Numerology: your birth into numbers … Uncover!

Numerology: your birth into numbers ... Uncover!

Why are numbers so important?

According to former investigators, everyone is governed by the numbers 1 to 9.
You can apply a number to everything in the universe.These numbers explain all events … you just have to interpret. Do you dare?In Numerology, there are 2 numbers that have more importance than all the others. They are the number of your birth and the number of your name .In this note, we help you calculate your birth … It is easy … Teach you how!

You know your number if you add the numbers of your birth, and reduce it until a single digit number.

Why your date of birth? 

The sages in numerology indicates that the birth will be your key date because it indicates your vibration in that particular instant. For something you were born on this date and not another … Have you thought about this?
And this is not only here, this number, this vibration is accompany you forever.

Calculate the number of your birth:
To do this you should add: the day, month and year of your birth. To make it easier, we will give an example:If you were born on March 4, 1950, the number of your birth is …?You can calculate it in this way:

1 – We add 4 (day of birth) + 3 (because March is the third month of the year) + 1950 (year of birth). The result gives 1957.
2 – Then you must add each number separately (1 + 9 + 5 + 7 = 22).
3 – Finally, you should reduce this number 22 in a single number: 2 + 2 = 4

From 1 to 9: What does each number?
THE ONE Also called leader.
Is it all starts, takes the drive and initiative.
This number, as a leader by nature, likes to be direct. It is a very enthusiastic and decisive.
It is ideal for organizing and managing everything.
The positive features Guiño :Represent people with great strength and ambition, with great ability to lead.
They are creative, original and very active.
They are very organized and tidy.
They have management skills, and are very adept at working in groups.
They believe much in itself, are ambitious and have clear objectives.
Retailers are perfectionists.
They have a lot of quick thinking.
Negative characteristics Triste :

Many times it is too extreme.
It is very risky and confident in their projects, so they can be somewhat reckless, without analyzing things too much.
Fundamentally thinks of himself, so it can be somewhat self-centered and individualistic. Despite this, you can listen to the advice of others.


It is a number that is characterized by fit all.
It is quiet, avoid the conflicts and fights. It is peaceful in nature.
Links to this number with dreams …
The two always willing to share and cooperate!
If you need a good friend, you can rely on a number 2.

The positive features Guiño :

They’re great friends!
They are good employees and businessmen.
They show concern for others, caring for the needs of others.
Cooperate and help whenever they can.
Strive for perfection, and are great for sorting and organizing things.
They know very well when you want to concentrate.
They are responsible.
They are very spontaneous.
They are people who can not tolerate the discussions, and to alter aggression. This is why we always try to remedy and soothe the fights.
Always seeking calm!

Negative characteristics Triste : 

They can often be influenced by others.
They are not too sure of themselves as they continually try to please others and make friends. No fight for what they truly feel or think for fear of discussing with others.
They are indecisive and very vulnerable.


It is the number that symbolizes communication.
Has enthusiasm and joie de vivre that is contagious to those who have around.
They are characterized by an outgoing personality that attracts others.
They like to go out, communicate and make new friends.
His taste for art and music can be the goal of their lives.

The positive features Guiño :

They are excellent communicators.
Discussions and problem solvers word only.
They can interact well with others.
They are independent.
His thinking is very creative and energetic.
Friendship and fellowship are your most important values.

Negative characteristics Triste :

Fear of being alone, so they can get together with links that do not do well.
For now are extremists, which can make your closest relationships are affected.
Their relationships may conflict, much more than friendly.
Real relationships are difficult for the three!


This number symbolizes stability.
It’s very rational thinker.
They follow the law and order in everything they do.
They connect well with others, but are difficult to get to know.
They are excellent employees and businessmen.
They are practical and creative, always active.

The positive features Guiño :

They are very active, so they are called constructors.
They are creative in all areas of your life.
Honesty is one of your most important values.
They know respect others. They know play fair, so they are highly respected.
They are good friends, and are always willing to give and take advice.
They are adventurous souls in search of excitement.
The challenges are her passion!

Negative characteristics Triste :

Being so active, usually bored easily.
They need the adventures and excesses … without measuring the danger.
Many times can have problems with others when it crosses his path.
The four may be too powerful!


A number that represents freedom, the need for expression and change.
They are curious by nature.
They are very energetic. Never rest.
They have a great facility for communications.
They are romantic and passionate, no holds barred.
Its most important characteristic is that they are adventurous!

The positive features Guiño :

They symbolize freedom, so experiment and investigate know what they want.
Always pursue their goals in all areas of your life.
Enjoy art, music and literature, and they know good experience with other interesting encounters.
They have talent, and leverage.
They are perceptive.
They are tireless, always seek novelty. Do not get bored with five!

Negative characteristics Triste :

Your free spirit can sometimes seem unattainable.
Believe themselves essentially away from each other.
They can be selfish and bad-tempered if contradictory.
The verbal aggression may be its most egregious flaws.
They are self-critical, and bother the comments of others.


The number responsible.
They love everything beautiful and harmonious.
Love the balance and order.
No bear no responsibilities not be fulfilled.
Know fit the needs of others.


The positive features Guiño :

They are idealistic and enthusiastic people.
Pursue justice and truth. They are responsible for everything they do.
It has very good links with others. Socialize know!
They are good as chiefs and heads of large enterprises.
They are caring people and partners. Generous and wise.
They are friendly by nature.
If you want to have fun, looking for a six! They are very good mediators, avoid arguments and try to unite the views of all.
They are very intelligent, and radiate a powerful continuous light itself.

Negative characteristics Triste :

Maybe you are overwhelmed with responsibilities. Do not know how to say no.
They are too perfectionist, neglecting what is truly important.
They are wise but not know how to resolve their own problems!
Many times they can be too negative.


The number perfectionist.
It’s very intuitive.
Is the number more insightful.
It connects with the great mysteries.
He likes to investigate everything that does not.
Have clear objectives.


The positive features Guiño :

They are very observant.
Aman know everything.
They have a lot of speed and mental acuity.
They demand perfection in everything they do, and this can exhaust them.
They are very energetic and strong.
They trust themselves.
Always draw conclusions and analyze the situation in depth.
They are very peaceful and affection. Sincere and intuitive.
They have too many friends, but those are very healthy and lasting relationships.
The 7 is a spiritual number, connected with the mystical.
Trust their inner voice in the councils of others.

Negative characteristics Triste :

They can be pessimistic, selfish and a bit spoiled.
They are solitary, prefer to spend time alone.
It is easy to get angry and argue with them.


They are balanced and powerful.
They have lots of energy to everything they do.
They have power and force.
They are not content with minimal things.
Accountability is one of its features.

The positive features Guiño :

They always want to get what they want.
They have clear objectives that neglect at any time.
They are very neat and organized.
Your goals with clear.
Can govern, will be good and successful at it.
They are excellent for handling groups as they know enhance the skills of others. Causing inspiration in others, so that their success is almost assured.
They are recognized for what they do, and enjoy it.

Negative characteristics Triste :

They can be somewhat dictatorial. They pursue their goals, even if someone intermponga before them.
They have a strong personality, sometimes indicating bad character.
They spend much of their responsibilities, and forget about other things also really important.


Values ​​are identified as idealism and selflessness.
They are competitive. They fight for what they think and believe.
They have a lot of compassion for others, always willing to help.
They are patient and tolerant. His energy is always high!

The positive features Guiño :

They have many hidden qualities, especially in the mystical.
They have a very important sensitivity that helps them discover what others feel.
They have really developed the generosity and compassion, people who inspire confidence in others.
They’re nice, so have many friends.
They are nice people who enjoy good company.

Negative characteristics Triste :

May be too dramatic.
Often give too much for others, without thinking about them. The ideal would be to find the right balance and necessary.

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