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Oily skin – Remedy

Oily facial skin can be easily maintained at home with various home remedies and treatment.

Oily facial skin makes your complexion look dull and you want to do something about it?Basically, it is important to deliver an oily skin at regular intervals from the dead skin flakes, because they close the pores.Especially at a young age can be on such a skin accumulate more pimples and blackheads.Because the increased production of testosterone is to blame.Remedy, you can create not only with the many amenities from the store, including a large selection of home remedies can do something about it.



St. John’s wort for oily facial skin

  • Oily facial skin can be maintained in a natural way with St. John’s wort. The version with St. John’s Wort tincture can cleanse the skin, and thus control all the functions of the skin.
  • Even a homemade facial mask of apple cider vinegar, hydrated silica, and St. John’s Wort tea may help. This mass distribute to the entire face except the eyes, leave the mouth and nostrils, and now you have them for half an hour. Then just wash off with lukewarm waters.
  • Another possibility is a facial steam bath, enriched with St. John’s wort, which cleans the skin effectively. To do this, in about a liter of boiling water, St. John’s Wort St. John’s wort flower elixir. Bend over the prepared steam and cover your head with a towel while. After about five to eight minutes, wipe your face with a wet washcloth.


The simplest home remedy can help

  • Hard to believe, what is the most everyday home remedies make use of the kitchen. If you have sauerkraut in the house, this can complement not just a meal, but also maintain your oily skin. Just a mask of sauerkraut to the face and neck and leave on for about half an hour to let the facial skin. Subsequently, apply the mask with lukewarm clear water rinse thoroughly.
  • Another Haumittel would be pure protein. For this purpose, it is recommended that if you pre-clean your oily skin. Apply with a cosmetic brush the egg white on your skin and remove it if it is dry, with water down again.
  • Oily facial skin can also be very simple maintain by hot compresses.

Oily skin - Remedy

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