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One powder eyeshadow, 5 different finishes

No need to buy five versions of your favorite shade of eyeshadow powder when you know these five simple techniques that will reap all the benefits of a single powder eyeshadow, regardless of color. These effects are particularly interesting with an eye pearly or metallic.

1) Application by brush Effect natural

For a more natural look and diaphanous, we apply the eyeshadow using a flat brush with natural bristles. If you want an even lighter, use a synthetic bristle brush such as nylon.

2) Application to the sponge more opaque = Look

You certainly know the little sponge applicators which are often provided in the case of cosmetics eye. There are also longer and therefore easier to handle that you can buy.

By applying powder blush with a sponge applicator, the result will be more opaque and light. Do not hesitateto apply multiple coats to achieve the desired opacity. In addition to this advantage, your makeup will last longer.

3) Application finger = stronger pigmentation

Many women wear makeup finger, because they find it easier to use a brush. Gradients are much easier to make for a beginner. The main advantage of this technique is that your eye will look more pigmented and is pearly nacre said more apparent. Why? Because the finger exerts more pressure on the skin as a brush.Therefore, pigments and pearl are “crushed” on the eyelid and blend well. Somehow, it flattens the pigments. Better reflects the light.

4) Use a base or a pencil creamy finish = more intense

Several makeup bases for the eyelids exist on the market.  To obtain the desired result, apply the base (or pencil) all over the lid and do not let it dry completely. The powder will adhere perfectly to the basics, like flour on the butter. This technique also helps to increase the holding of the eye.

5) Mix the paint with water = Look brighter and supported

By mixing the powder with a few drops of water, make a paste opaque to be deposited on the eyelid with a synthetic bristle brush or a finger. This trick works particularly well with baked blushes, whose composition gives better results. There are also products that replace water. Unlike water, these products do not evaporate and therefore is held better.

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