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Organic cosmetics

Organic farming is a trend that seems to be here to stay and even increase over time. The cosmetics industry is no exception.

Choice for cosmetics is very personal and a matter of values. If you have an interest in organic food, cosmetics should probably follow. To help you, there is an international certification that will ensure that the product you buy meets all requirements and standards for organic products. It is ECOCERT. The cosmetics industry uses to get its organic products.

We hear more and more ingredients potentially carcinogenic or toxic in some cosmetics. For example, there parabens, DEA, BHT, aluminum, phthalates, laureth sulfate, etc.. The cosmetics industry “non-organic” tends to progressively eliminate these agents from their formulas to address the concerns of consumers, but now, no study proves beyond any doubt that these ingredients are dangerous.

Of course, you can always know what is made of red or cream to lips that you buy, as companies must list all ingredients on the container. But how do you know which can have long-term adverse effects and their concentrations? It can be difficult to navigate. By cons, choosing an organic product, you will not expose you to this type of ingredient if you do not wish to take any chances.

This does not mean that we must all begin to be afraid of regular produce. These products are regulated by governmental laws that determine what concentrations and what ingredients are harmful to health or not, based on studies that are conducted in the submissions of new active ingredients by the companies. It is up to you to decide if you trust or not these rules.



Have you ever tried organic makeup? If yes, were you satisfied? I have heard many comments about it and I made several tests of this type of product and I can say that some brands offer a product that is both organic and very quality that competes with non-organic products upmarket. There was a time when organic makeup gave disappointing results compared to regular products, but that time is over. There are now a few very interesting brands that deserve to be discovered. My suggestions: Adriana Karembeu, Caramel Color and Elysambre.

Adriana Karembeu


You may be familiar with the star at the origin of the brand. Its products include skin care organic silicon, a natural ingredient with multiple properties. As for makeup products, you will find a variety of unique colors that are usually difficult to find in organic products. The colors are pigmented and exceptional textures.

Caramel color Elysambre designed by Nature.cos


Its two brands are not only organic, but natural, fair, transparent and environmentally friendly. What the total!The boxes are even made from recycled materials and are recyclable or biodegradable sometimes. The texture and quality of these products is amazing and professional caliber. To try it!

Couleur Caramel


If you like natural products, you will appreciate this line, then the main active ingredients are plant-based.



Special mention to the beauty of this brand boxes. They are fabulous. In addition, they are rechargeable, so less polluting.


Skin Care

At skin care is very different from the makeup. We find a number of excellent organic brands (the list is long).There are many, so here are three of my favorite heart.



Organic, natural, eco-friendly, fair, with plant extracts, this brand of skincare has all the advantage of having more quality products with fragrances that stimulate the senses.



Brand (organic, nature-friendly, socially responsible uses plant extracts taken from its own gardens, etc.). Offers a wide variety of products and they have interesting textures that rival the non-organic.


Alma Carmel


I appreciate that this range is the complexity of formulas. There are more than moisturizers, but specific products to many active ingredients effective.


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