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Parents divorce: Where should the child live?

When parents divorce, it is important that they choose the place of residence of the child, taking into account what is best for him and his opinions to himself.

Choose a place of residence for a child when parents divorce, is not clear at all because they must, above all, think about the well-being of their child while trying to make it suffers as possible about the situation.

Make a choice of residence for a child of divorced parents

  • When parents divorce, they must agree to choose which of the two, their child will have to live. For this, they may, if they get along well, let him live with her mother, as happens in the majority of cases. Dad and discussed during weekends and school holidays.
  • Indeed, as a rule, the mother has more time to devote to his child because the father is often taken by his professional life. However, if the mother has a night job or it takes a long time, it is preferable to leave the child to live with his dad. It depends, to some extent, the availability of each in relation to their child.
  • In addition, they can, if large enough, ask her opinion explaining that the aggrieved parent does not want him and that their priority is happiness.

Choose the child’s home

  • When parents divorce, the child has to go live with one of the two choices and it can be very complicated because he loves them as much as the other. If one parent living in the same place and the other moved away, it is best that the child remains with those who do not share.
  • Indeed, divorce is already an important step that the child will overcome. If it is moving and changing environment, friends, school, changes will be too large and it may depress. The best thing is that it remains enrolled in school, with his friends and especially in an environment he knows.
  • Finally, if the parents divorce, they may decide to have a joint custody that would allow them to have a second week, their child with them in turn.

Parents divorce: Where should the child live?

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