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Pimples in the ear

Particularly inflamed pimples in the ear are a very painful thing, and must sometimes be removed by an ENT doctor.

Everyone knows the acne during puberty, unfortunately the pimples occur even after that at the worst places such as the ear, the neck or in the nose.The affected areas should be included in the daily care of the face with, it can also be prevented a pimple in your ear.Several points should be washed with cleaning gel and subsequently should be rubbed with toner and a cotton swab.It is important that the products to suit your own skin type.

Pimples in the ear: treatment
Thus, the pimples can be treated in the ear, you should first be given some face lotion on the swab, then the place cleaned.A cotton pad can be used on larger areas also, it’s just important that no sharp objects are inserted into the ear canal.The pimple is directly in the ear canal and not only on the external ear, so recommended to play with them under any circumstances.Here, the person should go directly to a dermatologist or an ear, nose and throat doctor.On the ear must face water act briefly, thus the place disinfected by alcohol.Addition, the new alcohol for dehydration of the pickle.Then tea tree oil can also be re-applied with a pad or swab.The tea tree oil reduces the inflammation in the ear and is a natural product, which is obtained in a convenient drugstore.The oil has an antibacterial effect and relieves the pain a little.Who can find the smell unpleasant, again using face lotion or tea tree oil can work through the night.In most cases, the pimples but quickly disappeared and the nose gets used to the smell.The process is repeated until the pimple is gone and the more often it is applied, the more the process of drying and disinfecting accelerated.The application must be completed and a dermatologist should be consulted if the funds generated by redness, itching or flaking.

Important information about pimples in the ear
Under no circumstances should the person expressing a pimple in the ear itself, this must be as described above dry gently.If the pimple painful or does not improve over the period of a week, then a dermatologist should be consulted.Also an esthetician can remove the pimple in the ear expertly.By the independent expressions it can even lead to bacteria, which spread through the bloodstream and can lead to meningitis.

Pimples in the ear

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