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Pimples on your back – Causes and Treatment

Pimples on your back can have many causes, but they are treated well and with the right tools to get a grip.

Most people know only acne on his face.For many, these spreads but also to other body regions.Under pimples on your back men suffer more than women.The origin of the formation of pimples on your back is the same as in other parts of the body affected.

What causes pimples or acne?
Pimple formation is related to the production of sebum.The glands work too hard, too much sebum is produced.Is now locked in the pores of sebum, creates a resistance that you can feel at first only as a small bump under the skin.Hence eventually develop blackheads.These are attacked by bacteria, there is inflammation, which are apparently as pimples.
Also increased perspiration can be a trigger for acne.So you should pay attention to his clothing, which should be very breathable so that moisture can escape through sweating.
In addition, increases testosterone production of sebum.Because men have more than women of this hormone, they also suffer more often from pimples on the back.
The psyche can also mean reason for acne.If a person symbolically seen a “too thin skin”, he will react under stress possibly with skin symptoms, which also can include pimples on his back.
Generally, the skin from person to person and this is reflected in the production of sebum.The investment is also often inherited.

Treating pimples
Pimples on the back be treated differently according to severity.
There is only a slight impurity, so off the shelf remedies for pimples.
Have the pimples already developed a acne, so you is not helped by these means.Going to the dermatologist should be, because every attempt self-treatment can sometimes aggravate acne.
In addition, patience is to bring, for an advanced education needs pimples disappear to his time at.
First should only be used for washing lotions which do not contain soap.That brings often the first relief of the skin suffering with it.
The expressions of the pimples on your back should be handled by a professional.He has the knowledge as well as gels and creams, with which he can guarantee the success of the treatment.Is the ignition too far advanced, the dermatologist will prescribe antibiotic ointments and related drugs, which ensure that the talc production is reduced and can decline inflammation.

Pimples on your back - Causes and Treatment

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