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Popularity Of Arabian Henna Design

We all know that each single year the popularity of the Arabian henna designs is gaining the heights of fame and attention. It is famous all over the world and women simply love applying it on their hands and feet for the wedding functions and religious occassions too. It is one of the commonly used mehndi or henna designs that is all found to be enriched with the large simple floral patterns as beautifying the hands and feet of women.

Introduction of Arabian Henna Design

Arabian henna designs are mainly defined as the temporary body art that is painted on the hands or feet with henna paste. It is the tall shrub or small tree, 2-6 m high. Henna flowers have been added with the four sepals and a 2 mm calyx tube in the company of 3 mm spread lobes. In order to make the henna paste you will be collecting some of the henna leaves that will be grinded in the form of dust and then it will be mixed all along with the mustard oil as well as tea to make a thick paste. It is brownish in shade. You can even make the choice of mixing the henna with some additional plant materials so that you can grab its natural coloring. Be sure that as you will going to make the paste you will not be making the use of it for the next some hours so that the mixture should get mixed together. This paste is the form of dye that will going to soaks inside the skin and remains there is favor of few days.

Arabian henna designs are all set with the coverage of the trailing, bold flower designs in the company of open spaces on top of only one side of the hands and feet.  You will going to keep into notice that in this designing category some space in the hands and feet is left free. In Arabic mehndi designs floral designs; animal and human figures are not usually used. In this section some of the common found mehndi designs are lured Peacock, quoted trunk, flowers, stems, petal and so on. You can make the use of Arabic mehndi designs for the religious functions and wedding occasions as all the designs are so unique and incredible looking for the women.

Have you still not try with Arabian henna design? Well if not then stop thinking and grab these striking mehndi designs right now. Which one is your favorite mehndi design?

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