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Popularity Of Sweety Abaya

When we mention the names of some of the best abayas then we never forget mentioning with the name of sweety abaya. We all know that hijab is basically known as the modest dress to cover the head, neck and chest worn by Muslim women vary according to culture, religious commitment and lifestyle.  Some of the Arab women even make the choice of wearing the oblong scarf called a shayla or milfeh. These may be embroidered so that they can match an abaya. It is defined as a garment extending from the collarbone to the ankles.

Why Sweety Abaya Are So Popular?

Sweety abaya are usually made from the black woven material, often silk or synthetic material made to approximate silk. The khimar or buknuk is a covering that gives out the image of the short hooded cape, sewn closed from the chin down. These might be plain or embroidered with gold thread. Some of the women of the North Africa even take it as the traditional garment in which they wear blue garments that cover the entire body. It is all set with the brightly colored head coverings Women working outside the home may wear bright-colored square headscarves that is all tied at the back of the head. Some of the Sunni Muslim women in Syria, Jordan and Palestine wear white headscarves.

Some of the sweety abaya are even decorated with their head coverings with coins, cross-stitch embroidery and dyed garments in rich shades of red, blue, gold and green. With the passage of time abaya clothing style is becoming one of the latest fashion trends and style. As you will going to look inside the fashion market you will be finding it as accessible variety of colors, including bold patterns designed to accent a neutral colored scarf that may be embellished in the company of gathers or shaped to provide volume.

In this post we will be sharing some of the classy images of abayas. You can even get to know more about the latest trends of abaya designs by visiting the fashion websites and magazines. You can make the choice of this clothing to be worn in all the seasonal happenings and in all the occasions. So start finding the beautiful and elegant sweety abaya designs right now!

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