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Popularity Of Traditional Pakistani Wedding Dresses

There are so many brides who find great sum of trouble in choosing with the traditional Pakistani wedding dresses for the main wedding day. We all know that each single year the trends of the wedding dresses have been appearing with so many changes and this is the main hurdle that comes into the choices of the brides. Hence there are so many features that you should keep in mind at the time of choosing with the wedding dresses so that by the end of the day you should choose the incredible and lovely one.

Main Features of Traditional Pakistani Wedding Dresses:

  1. The Dupatta: All the wedding dresses have duppattas that is named as veil. It is light in weight and lengthy that is all adorned with the embroidery. Brocade may be used along with heavy satin or pure gold and silver. The dupatta hangs from the shoulder and covers the bride face.
  2. Colors: Wedding dresses are usually identified by the red color that is the main identification of the bridal personality. Besides red there are so many colors that are getting to be famous in the wedding dresses adding with hot pink, orange, magenta and champagne gold. You should simply be choosing with the color that is coming into view as complimenting looking for the skin.
  3. Types of Dresses: The ghagra choli is a popular choice for a Pakistani bridal wear. This style consists of a pleated skirt and a fitted blouse. The midriff may be open. In addition sari, sharara, churidar and pyjama with angrakha are also different dress design options that a bride may choose for making the wedding day perfect.
  4. Materials: Wedding dresses are usually set with the premium use of the chiffon, silk, satin, cotton, Georgette and crepe. Hence we can say that lighter fabrics are being utilized to replace traditional stiff silks.
  5. Embellishments: On the last we will going to mention about the embellishments that is all done with the elaborate embroidery work that entails a great deal of handiwork. Beads, sequins, discs, and silver and gold thread may all be used that make the whole wedding dress gorgeous looking.

In the end we will have a look at some beautiful images of Pakistani bridal wear dresses! If you are getting married soon then choose the perfect Pakistani wedding dresses now!

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