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Pregnant? Choose the right care your body!

Many pregnant women use anti-stretch marks treatment during pregnancy, and it is excellent!

Care anti-stretch marks work the elasticity of the skin.During pregnancy, the skin stretches. Care workers elasticity of the skin helping it to regain its original shape after pregnancy, thus avoiding possible stretch marks and saggy skin.

Several oils are also good for moisturizing the skin and make it elastic like sweet almond oil. The only disadvantage with this oil is that many people are allergic (type of nut). In this case, grape seed oil is also suitable. Bio Oil is also very popular with pregnant women. In addition, it contains no preservatives.

If the firmness of your skin is your issue, continue to work on the elasticity of your skin, so it does not lose tone after pregnancy.

For many, using a firming may seem very tempting, to help the skin to be firmer. But the problem is that if your skin is tight, it will not automatically be more elastic and it is even possible that it is less flexible. So, you can amplify the stretch marks instead of decrease.

Imagine that you stretch a rubber band to make it tighter. There will inevitably be weaker and more likely to break. If you release it, you increase its elasticity and strength.

However, there are treatments that work both at the skin firmness and elasticity. In this case there is probably no problem to use them, but the other problem with firming treatments is that they are not necessarily designed for pregnant women, so it is possible that some ingredients who are in their composition are not suitable and can be harmful to the health of the fetus. Be vigilant and read the list of ingredients. Encourage those that contain the least amount of chemicals and synthetic preservatives.

Concentrations of potentially toxic chemicals were evaluated on adult human body. Thus specific ingredient of our entire body, can not affect, but if concentrated in the tiny body of a fetus, it can affect its development are unknown and difficult to measurable. So better not take any chances and always check the ingredient list to see if there is a danger to pregnant women.

I saw anti-stretch mark creams excellent marketed by premium brands have several parabens in their composition. I saw outright 5-6 different kinds of parabens in one care anti-stretch marks! Personally, I would not want to know anything about parabens in my pregnancy! I will also avoid aluminum (deodorants …). I want to give all the chances my baby. Already that nature is imperfect and sometimes there are already enough of pollutants in the air and our food.

Many products that you use before pregnancy may not agree more. Read the manual. You might be surprised by the ton of products that are not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

A treatment that works for both skin tone and elasticity is the Clarins Tonic Oil . It is approved for pregnant women, so it is an ideal treatment for those who have concern firmness. This is also the case of milk Firmness of the same brand.

It may be interesting to use a care also for the bust. My advice would be the same as for care firm. Check if the task is suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, so that the active ingredients are not found in breastmilk or create stretch marks. It’s good to have firm breasts, but not if it boosts our stretch marks!

Beware also of essential oils. Some essential oils are suitable for pregnant women, others do not. So if your body care (or face!) Contains essential oils, do some research on the web to see if they are OK during pregnancy or not.

One thing that is also very important is that just the fact that moisturize the skin helps it to be more flexible and elastic. So if you have a tight budget and you’re not interested in sweet almond oil, you can just get a body moisturizer for very dry skin and apply 2 times per day. It will help a lot already! But the secret is discipline. Apply body cream 2-3 times a week, it does nothing. To see results in elasticity and stretch marks, it should be applied at least every day, and ideally several times a day. If you’re in a hurry, the evening before going to bed already is a good option.

It is also very important not to stop applying your moisturizer and / or anti-stretch marks once you have given birth. Your body will not change overnight, then it must continue for a few months after childbirth.

I have a weakness for Mustella range, designed for both babies and mothers. We find a great range of products specific to the needs of all pregnant women, postpartum and baby care. The formulations were designed to avoid problematic ingredient. They can therefore be used with confidence without breaking the head.

Pregnant? Choose the right care your body!

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