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Pros and cons of permanent makeup

Permanent makeup gives women the opportunity today to stay beautiful all day, being a good alternative to traditional makeup.But before embarking on it is advisable to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this type of makeup.

Permanent makeup offers women the opportunity today to have a flawless makeup throughout the day.This is a makeup that does not require editing, does not bleed and does not run and has no age limit, which can be used both as a teenager by an older lady.


What is permanent makeup?

  • This type of makeup is a tattoo that is achieved by the introduction into the skin with fine needles.
  • These needles contain synthetic or mineral pigments. Pigments penetrate into the upper part of the skin, immediately below the blood vessels.
  • Before starting, it is better to learn about the pros and cons of permanent makeup.


What are the benefits?

  • One of the biggest advantage of this type of makeup is that you will be fine all day, because it does not require editing. This is ideal for the modern woman who does not have much time.
  • This is a makeup that remains unaltered even after a workout. If traditional makeup can create allergies, or you want to correct your facial asymmetry, permanent makeup can be a solution.


What are its disadvantages?

  • The main disadvantage is that permanent makeup is makeup that lasts for years, it is not possible to change it according to your taste and fashion. Another disadvantage is that the pigments injected into the skin decreases with time and the makeup no longer charms the beginning.
  • If you are ready for this type of makeup, it is advisable to consult a good professional with knowledge and experience necessary to have a board to select a best makeup of this type.Knowledge and aesthetic dermatology are an important asset of a professional in this field.

Pros and cons of permanent makeup

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