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Punjabi Suit collection and latest trends

Punjabi Suit are the latest trend in the market. Everyday designer come up with latest style and innovation. The collection reflect these trends of the market. The salwar is a flimsy, pajama-like trousers, which tapers towards the bottom and plenty of leg. The salwar is pleated waist and a drawstring or an elastic belt should be combined. This kind of pants is quite wide, slack can also be sewn or straight on the side. Today churidarként well known.
The salwar kameez is a traditional dress worn in southern Asia . The punjabi suit is a flimsy pants and a long top. This is the everyday wear of Pakistan for men and women alike. Costumes are also popular in India , Bangladesh and Afghanistan as well. Some version of “Punjabi dress” called the Punjab province (read Punjab) after the name.

The kameez is a long shirt or tunic. The side seams (chaat) the derékvonalig are left free, which gives more freedom of movement of the barrel. The kameez is usually cut straight, the old traditional dress sewn by (as shown in the illustration). The modern camera held sewn fingers, according to the European model. The tailor’s taste and skill in the form of the neckline and the decoration of the kameez to show it.
If a woman wears a punjabi suit is, it is usually a dupattának called shawl or scarf can be worn on the head or around the neck. A Muslim woman for the dupatta is a less important accessory a chador or burqua side. A Hindu woman, however (especially in the northern Indians, where the salwar kameez is most popular), the dupatta is a very important accessory if you are a church or arguments before an older man to be capable of covering the head. The other woman to serve as a stylish accessory with a dupatta, which is a company transfers across the chest or shoulders covered with two wearable.
The modern female version of salwar kameez is less simple than the traditional ones. You can find deep decolletage, opaque materials konbinálva, sleeves or bell sleeves, customized designs as well. The semi-transparent kameez wearing (mostly party occasion), or choli women take up falling short Topo.

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