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PupaLash a mascara that energizes your lashes!

The new trend in cosmetics is to have a treatment that strengthens lashes and grown within the same formula mascara. In recent years, we see more and more.

Italian brand Pupa is no exception with its PupaLash mascara, a favorite of beauty consultants! Everyone spoke to me, so I had to try it.

Here all information about this famous mascara.

What I was told about this mascara is that it gave a nice volume and lengthening lashes while keeping them bent. But I did not know he had an integrated treatment that promises a 2.5% growth of eyelashes more important than their normal growth in a month.

Study results show that on average, the evaluators saw their eyelashes grow 1.05 mm vs. 0.4 mm without PupaLash in just 30 days!

But alongside immediate results PupaLash gives lashes visible, large and elongated, with a bonus ultra-deep black.

The special brush multi-performance (both sides that combine to volume and length with the same brush) ensures optimal dosage and uniform application of the product, thanks to fiber diameter amplified. I liked the brush style ‘traditional’ working easily.

I tested the mascara and I liked it. I only needed two coats for a sufficient volume and I found that my eyelashes kept their shape throughout the day. I also noticed a slight lengthening effect. Black is black and the application is easy. It can stain the skin slightly late in the day if you do not apply powder on the eyelids, but if it does, no problems. As the majority of volume mascaras, if you like a more defined look, I’d recommend a mascara definition because it is not its main feature.

This is a good mascara across which I think is ideal for those with fragile eyelashes and want to take the opportunity to treat their lashes without having to apply a specific treatment every night. It has all the advantages in one product

PUPALASH Mascara Energizer

PUPALASH Mascara Energizer


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