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Quick make-up – and perfect!

They are also a morning person and always in time stress? We give practical tips for a quick make-up, which also looks good.

A quick make-up is a minimal investment with maximum impact.Who is not stressed in the morning and has the time and inclination to a lengthy Aufhübschung?It is important that it is not a mask-like make-up, but simply conjures a natural and fresh look.For this reason, make-up utensils that are tailored to your skin type and the individual’s skin color, the alpha and omega
Here’s your guide on how stress-free, quick and easy morning again like a man looks like.

Priming and applying makeup
Begin as usual with a thorough cleaning her face.Use mild cleansing lotions to protect the skin of the acid is not affected too much.Then apply a light day cream as a caring base for make-up.Then comes the foundation of the face.You can do it best on a compact makeup with a sponge.Make sure that you include the neck, and do not forget the move to the ears, otherwise one has quickly unsightly visible borders.For normal skin, you can also use good liquid makeup.For dry skin, a cream makeup is better, which contains shea butter for example.Oily skin is a light moisturizing make-up best served.When finished, you can also tarnish your face with powder, or give the skin a nice natural glow.

Eye makeup and lips
For a quick make-up you first cover any dark circles with a special pen.So the look is fresh and awake.Then choose two colors for eye shadow: one light and one dark.On the inner corner of eye wear on the bright eyeshadow, and on the outer corner of the dark.They blur the edges slightly so that the transition is soft, but not wipe both colors together!Then brush the eyebrows once down and once up, make the hairs lay naturally.Fill in gaps with an eyebrow pencil.Finally, the mascara is applied.
The final touches are made to the application of a touch of rouge on the cheeks and a light lipstick that gives your lips a fresh color.And you’re done!

Quick make-up - and perfect!

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