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Quick solutions for your small makeup blunders

Oops … you made a small mistake with your makeup? Never mind, here are some tips, tricks quick to correct the situation!



Blunder: You have applied too much foundation.

What to do on a cotton or latex sponge, apply a little moisturizer and spend it all on the foundation. It will become more transparent.


Blunder: You have applied too much powder over your foundation, which has created a kind of mask cracked.

What to do Take an ice cube and wrap it in a handkerchief, and then tap slowly drawing each time all over the face. Another tip, spray a little water spa or any moisturizing mist or refreshing facial. Once dry mist, quickly tap your face with your clean fingers firmly.


Blunder: You have applied too much blush.

What to do: With a blush brush, apply a layer of powder compact or open the same color as your skin over the blush.



Blunder: You have applied too much powder eyeshadow.

What to do If the effect is slightly too dark, take a medium-sized brush, such as a brush for blush and brush it on the makeup pressing stronger or weaker depending on the amount of powder you want to remove. If the effect is too dark and you want the fade more, use a sponge applicator or a latex sponge and wipe the paint.The powder will come off easily and you can start without your makeup completely.


Blunder: The powder particles have fallen on your cheeks and dark circles.

What to do With a large brush loose powder, sweep the powder particles by rotating the brush that makes circular movements on itself


Blunder: You have applied too much mascara

What to do Close the eye and place a towel under the fringe of eyelashes. With a comb for eyebrows or brush disposable mascara brush the lashes from root down by pressing the eyelashes against the tissue in each movement.



Blunder: Your lipstick or gloss spun or exceeded outside of your lips.

What to do? Wipe the product with a cotton swab moistened with foundation or concealer that you will also rotate on itself.


Blunder: Your lipstick is too dark.

What to do? Apply a little liquid foundation over your lipstick with a lip brush. You can also file a cloud of loose powder the color of your skin on your lips, then reapply lip gloss, lip balm or other lipstick lighter color.



Blunder: You have exceeded your nail polish in the “trough” around the nail.

What to do Before the product dries, use a wooden toothpick or a thin wooden stick or metal, and remove the surplus from the tip into the hollow bottom of the nail up ‘at the tip. During the operation, stretch the skin with another finger (thumb to the other four fingers or thumb index) to better discover the groove / depression.

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