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Reason Of Pakistani Men Being Scared Of Fashion & Brands Of Men’s Fashion

Looking through magazines and web sites, I’m sure most of you believe that fashion is very female-oriented. And when I say, aimed at a female I did not want to state anti-feminist, I am simply stating that women dominate in fashion industry, ranging from modeling to street style to the wedding fashion.

In Asian Countries, especially India and Pakistan, fashion is not seen as made for men or they can choose fashion for themselves, because thinking of society is more paternal and benign than other countries. Young boys and men tend to be nurtured so that fashion becomes a kind of taboo, and guys who like to dress become social outcasts.

Fashion Industry of Pakistan is over whelmed and monopolized by only women’s fashion. While talking about the fashion weeks and latest designer’s fashion shows, it’s for about 4-5 weeks long and exhibits the latest trends of dressing for women and their accessories. But when ht fashion comes for men, it is assumed that its only for grooms or actors or models not for all the men. Because most of the designers presents and launch their men’s collection include sherwani’s and kurta styles.

Breaking it further, very few brands for men in Pakistan! I could literally list down the most famous brands which are only for men. If a guy wants to get a tailor-made suit, it will have a possible list of five to six stores / brands that he could go to ; Republic By Omar Farooq, Munib Nawaz, Amir Adnan, Humayun Alamgir and some new upcoming brands like Jemyn Street Clothing and Fibonacci Bespoke.

ammar-belal-collection-at-pfdc-loreal-paris-fashion-week ammar-belal-pakistani-designer-for-mens-dresses hamza-fawad-in-humayanu-alamgir-branded-dress imran-abbas-in-branded-mens-dressing munib-nawaz-dressing-new-ideas-for-men munib-nawaz-collection-for-men-2016

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