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Recipe for Cupcake nail art

Hello girls! So what’s it ca is the big day? I hope your wicker basket full of sweets and chocolate! In keeping with the spirit sweet and cute I just show you a little nail art for 10 years after everyone else: The Nail Art Cupcake! You can imagine, he was once again inspired by the genius of cute nail art, I appointed CutePolish and captivating voice! I have not watched the video, I just saw the capture and ca me enough to tell me, okay, I WANT to do that, the nail art cupcake cutest of the whole earth :). She chose to do it in pink, it’s not a surprise if I told you that I did the colors Pshiiit? ^ ^

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Come on, without further ado, I will show you the pictures, and I’ll try to explain how I got caught!

Recipe for Cupcake nail art Recipe for Cupcake nail art Recipe for Cupcake nail art

The ingredients:

I chose Turquoise & Caicos Essie base, Blue Water Bourjois & Carribean Peggy Sage stripes, China Glaze Sexy Body Type for the little heart, and Konad White for toping! You also need a dotting tool (or a dotting tool handmade ^ ^) and a small fine brush! Need to set the oven temperature for this achievement Cooking time:. Including all 20 minutes.

The steps:

1. We put our usual basis, then the desired color “pot” j Until the moist nail. Once dry basis, with a small fine brush (which is commercially ray school supplies for example) we draw small lines quickly not to tremble with the second color. Need not be perfectly right, you can see that with me it is a little shaky and ca makes pretty good!

2. The topping is made ​​with a wide doting tool tip or a brush if you prefer an effect “sagging”. You reach the very top, always using your brush to form a half-moon.

3. The-heart cherry confit on the cake. Nothing very difficult again, just put two dots using a dotting tool end, and joining these two peas, always with the doting tool by “pulling” the color down ! Sprinkle small colored flakes with a dotting tool or a pin topcoatez, and here, There are more than enjoy! Be careful though not to bite your fingers pretty sweet 🙂

Cupcake nail art

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