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Recipe for salt dough craft – how it’s done

The preparation is simple. You only need flour, salt and water to knead. Try our recipe for salt dough from tinkering and establish many beautiful works.

For many years, enjoys great popularity salt dough.And not without reason.Play dough is a modeling, which can be made quite easily by yourself.The ingredients that you need to tinker for our recipe for salt dough, you will certainly entirely in house.Get rid of your kids and knead together.



Our recipe for salt dough craft is suitable for small children

  • Salzteigbasteln is a hobby that makes young and old fun. Because of the high salt content of the modeling tastes salty and unpleasant. Young children, the dough stuck in everyone’s mouth are, it spit out immediately.


  • Tinker for the recipe for salt dough you need two cups flour (please no wholemeal flour), a cup fine salt and a cup of water. Knead the ingredients with mixer or by hand thoroughly until a smooth dough. The mixture should have a consistency similar to modeling clay.


  • If necessary, you’ll add a little flour or water. Now you can model your heart’s content. You can tinker trailer for seasonal bouquets, door signs make or gouge the ground and roll. For the dollhouse and the Shop you can create tiny pretzels, rolls and croissants from salt dough.


Wallpaper glue, food coloring, rye flour: With our tips, you do not have more fun in salt dough

  • Tinker the recipe for salt dough you can freely vary. If you add a teaspoon of wallpaper paste, the works are less sensitive to moisture. A teaspoon of vegetable oil makes the dough pliable.


  • Food coloring him so colorful, rye flour sticks less than wheat flour. Try until you find your individual salt dough mixture. The salt dough pieces are baked at about 150 degrees in the oven.


  • Baking time depends on the size of the works. A shape that is six millimeters high need about an hour. In our recipe for salt dough craft you just try with a hard object, such as a knife back to see if your work rings hollow.


  • If that is the case, it is done. After cooling, you can process your craft pieces on. You can paint it or paint it with water or acrylic paints. We wish you lots of fun.

Recipe for salt dough craft - how it's done

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