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Recipe for Scented soaps produce themselves

The art of making fine scented soaps made from vegetable oils, has survived to this day and has become for many a beautiful hobby.

The original birthplace of soap making is in Aleppo, Syria.To date, there are still many soap makers shop specializing in high quality soaps are made from fragrant plant oils.It was not until the 8thCentury did this art to Europe, where they have produced so far soaps from animal tallows and wood ash.

More than just for personal care
Fine scented soaps are very popular because they are not only wonderfully natural and skin-friendly, but are also given as a gift or decoration for the bathroom is particularly suitable.With the right ingredients and tools are scented soaps can also easily produce themselves.

Real soap boil: Not quite harmless
This is a chemical process in which various vegetable oils and fats react with sodium hydroxide.Caustic soda is also known as caustic soda, its use should be handled very carefully.Because carelessness can cause serious burns, especially on the hands and eyes.For creative people who want to create their own fragrance soap series, so there is very simple and safe methods.

An example: Hawthorn soap
For the preparation of hawthorn soap will need the following ingredients: 250 grams of olive oil soap (made from 6 tablespoons hawthorn blossoms) 100 milliliters of tea, juice of half unsprayed lemon, 3 tablespoons of almond oil, 5 drops of peppermint oil or lavender oil, a large pot, soap molds, plastic wrap.

Fast preparation
Finely grate the castile soap flakes and the lemon juice with the Weissdorntee and heat until it is melted for the most part.Leave to cool slightly.Then slowly stir in the essential oils.The soap may be poured into the forms provided.Now the soap to harden.Avoid the formation of cracks, the molds should be covered with plastic wrap.After approximately 24 hours, the finished soap is removed from the mold and wrapped in tissue paper.Leave it in a dry and cool place to rest for six weeks.

Creativity knows no bounds
The aforementioned recipe can be changed arbitrarily.Simply experiment freely with different essential oils or soaps as a basic ingredient.Those who prefer colorful likes adds some petals.In this way, very individual scented soaps and original gift ideas.

Recipe for Scented soaps produce themselves

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