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Recipe to make a lip balm

With cold or dry air, lips tend to dry out, to feed, there are simple recipes to make a lip balm homemade.

Lip balms contain commercially available for most chemicals that in the long run may be harmful to the body.Ideally make lip balm yourself with natural ingredients.The basic recipe is very simple, you just then vary some ingredients for flavor or color.


Recipe lip balm

  • The recipe to make a lip balm is extremely easy. The key lies in choosing the right commodities. Simply heat in a water bath shea butter and beeswax in equal amounts with two tablespoons of jojoba or sweet almond.
  • In fact, the choice of the vegetable oil is made according to individual tastes. Once the mixture is homogeneous, apart from fire, add a spoon of honey and mix well. Then simply pour the mixture into small pots and was the Homemade lip balm.
  • For flavor and fragrance, can also be incorporated in the recipe to make a lip balm a few drops of essential oil in addition to feeling good, are antiseptic and antibacterial. One can opt for the essential oil of lemon or grapefruit or orange.


Some variations of the recipe

  • The simplicity and rapidity of the recipe to make a lip balm is such that one can choose to vary the taste and make more. To mix basic example can add rose water.
  • The hungry can incorporate into the recipe to make a lip balm flavors vanilla, chocolate or hazelnut.
  • The resulting mixture should preferably be stored in the refrigerator but can carry with you, it is enough to empty a capsule of vitamin E.


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