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Red spots on face: agents that help

Red spots on the face can have many causes, there are simple means of relieving, although sometimes only helps the way to the doctor.

The skin on your face is very sensitive, especially in winter for red spots, the skin on your face is very sensitive.For those affected, the red spots on the face be very annoying, suffers not only the skin but also the self-confidence.Straight to the cold season, the skin is very dry, red spots may appear here in the face and the dryness caused by cold air and heating.The stains are not better, a dermatologist should be consulted.

For red spots on the face, there are simple means
Light means for cleaning the facial skin can be used, in addition, the skin should not be irritated.For red spots on the face especially pH-neutral products and a moisturizer for the day are recommended, also good fats and oils.This is the skin of the face supplied with sufficient moisture and the skin can breathe freely.The skin should also be indulged in a break, so it should be during this time completely without makeup.

Just stress manifests itself in the human body in different ways, and the redness of the face can be a sign.Were becoming redness and pimples on the face when the subconscious mind is overwhelmed.Red spots on the face can also be a symptom of a zinc deficiency or an allergic reaction.Who really wants to play it safe, will not go to see a doctor about.

Rosacea is an inflammatory disease with red patches
The inflammatory disease rosacea is also called curse of the Celts, this is manifested by red spots that originate from dilated blood vessels.This disease runs in spurts, is chronic and occurs in fair-skinned people in middle age.For this disease, the science could not identify any specific causes, which often occur spots ahead through conflict or stressful situations.Also it is assumed that a liver disease or frequent and intense sunlight come into question.A relapse can be triggered by spicy foods, alcohol, hot drinks, stress, excitement, or temperature changes.There is no cure for rosacea, but there are effective treatments.In some respects corresponds to the treatment of an acne treatment, it is a thorough cleansing of facial skin care and with fat-free and mild products is very important.It makes sense to use a sunscreen with a high SPF and even facial massages with fat-free skin gel is have worked.A dermatologist can prescribe effective medications and there are surgeries and laser treatments for these red spots on the face.

Red spots on face: agents that help

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