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Remove birthmark – What to look for

Although there is no reason to be many people choose to have them removed a disruptive pigment spot. To remove a birthmark, are victims various options available.

For some it is a beauty spot à la Marilyn Monroe, for others only a unsightly blemish.A mole or birthmark adorns the body of every human being.But not always, these are benign.Whether for purely aesthetic or health reasons – is the spot to the problem, many people can remove their birthmark.

Remove birthmark - What to look for

Before you can remove a mole

  • Who wants to be for aesthetic reasons to remove a birthmark should discuss his plans in advance with a dermatologist. Generally, you should check your moles regularly and have it checked.
  • If you watch your birthmark color variations or irregularities, consult also immediately consult a dermatologist. This can accurately assess any form of pigment change in the context of whole-body examination.

Surgical removal of malignant moles

  • There is suspicion of a so-called malignant melanoma, advise GPs to surgical mole removal, to then examine the cells microscopically. The cost for the procedure to be covered by public health insurance.
  • Here, the suspicious stain is cut under local anesthesia of the skin and sent to the laboratory.The remaining scar is then sutured. After about three weeks, the threads dissolve and the scar is no longer visible.

Remove benign moles otherwise

  • Even without surgery can be benign moles are removed using laser technology. This cosmetic procedure is free of risk. A reimbursement by the health insurance company in this case is not possible.
  • Since the engagement takes place under a local anesthetic, you can exercise again immediately after the treatment your normal activities. Note, however, that many surgeons remove only a sublime and not a flat birthmark.
  • To remove a raised mole, the collection is removed using a scalpel or a fine wire loop. As you work with the heat of fine flow, the blood vessels are sealed and there remains no wound.

Birthmark removal creams

  • The pharmaceutical industry has sought in recent years to provide an alternative to surgical mole removal. The daily application of an ointment promises a gentle way to remove the time.
  • Before you rely on this method, you speak the natural treatment from your family doctor.

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