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Remove dark spots – possibilities

To be removed pigmentation, there are several options, such as a laser treatment, chemical peeling or bleaching creams.

Due to a change in the hormonal system, for example by taking the pill or by extensive sun can cause dark spots on the skin – known as age spots.These are caused by an excess of the skin pigment melanin.Although pigmentation is not painful, but it is like most of their moles can be removed, since they represent a visual nuisance.There are several possibilities.

Pigment spots with a laser treatment remove

To be removed with the laser pigmentation, there are different methods, but all that work on the same principle.The affected areas are treated with the laser well below the skin’s surface, where the laser destroys the überpigmentierten skin cells.The released pigments are removed by the body’s processes, so that the dark spots disappear, which, however, three to five sessions are required.An advantage of the laser treatment is the fact that only the affected, but not the other skin being treated.But even more to have dark spots from the skin, you have to expect a high cost.In addition, the treated skin more sensitive and prone to faster, again to form dark spots.

Pigmented lesions removed by chemical peels and bleaching creams

In addition to the laser treatment, there is also the possibility to be removed by chemical peels pigmentation.These peels usually contain substances such as lactic acid, salicylic or glycolic acid, which are applied to the skin.They have a corrosive effect, thus removing the outer layer of the human epidermis, whereby the dark spots are brighter, but usually not completely disappear.Even when you have so would leave the dark spots from the skin, at least four meetings a beautician or a dermatologist is necessary.A disadvantage of this treatment option is that not only the affected area, but also the surrounding skin is impaired.
But there is also a possibility, where you can lend a hand and must not visit a specialist to order the removal of pigmented lesions.In drugstores and pharmacies, there are so-called bleaching creams that contain ingredients such as hydroquinone or tretinoin and inhibit melanin production of the body, making the dark spots are lightened.For with such creams remove dark spots, they must be used regularly over a period of at least three months.

Remove dark spots - possibilities

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