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Remove facial hair: So those pesky hairs disappear

Women not only have a beard grandmothers. More and more young women wearing the fuzz on the face, usually with shame. There are numerous ways to remove facial hair.

A facial hair is not only unattractive, but is for many women a genuine suffering dar. The unsightly fuzz on the face associated with the loss of femininity, but it is more likely than male property.But against the growth can do a lot.A variety of techniques may help in the short term or permanently remove the annoying facial hair.

Remove facial hair: So those pesky hairs disappear

Identify the causes

  • To permanently remove facial hair, you have the causes for hair growth on the face look. Is advisable to see a doctor or visit a gynecologist in particular.
  • The most common cause is to be found in an excess of male hormones. The androgens influence the hair follicles, causing the hair to grow faster.
  • One possible cause could be the polycystic ovary syndrome, which can occur before menopause. In this cycle disorder leads to increased release of androgens.
  • Similarly, encouraging a Damenbart genetic factors. However, on this can be only a medical examination.

Facial hair get rid of cosmetic products

  • An often used method is the epilation of beard ladies. Although this is relatively painful, the result lasts up to several weeks.
  • Similarly, the treatment is suitable with wax. The wax strips are glued directly to the hair and pulled with a quick jerk along with the hair root again.
  • Another possibility is the special bleaching creams bleaching dar. With the beard hair can be colored as long as it corresponds to the natural skin tone.
  • The Internet and in the drugstore region also has certain creams that not remove the pesky hairs, but can slow down the hair growth process and reduce.

To permanently remove facial hair

  • Specific hormonal preparations can help to remove facial hair. The range of possibilities ranges from estrogen-containing birth control pills to hormone blockers.
  • However, antihistamines are not freely available. Only after medical consultation and prescription hormone preparations should be taken.
  • Who wants to spare no effort and expense, may remove his facial hair by means of a laser treatment. The hair roots are destroyed and prevented from re-forming hairs.
  • Which method is best suited, each must find out for yourself. Are crucial cause, density and color of the ladies beard.

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