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Remove facial hair – tips and tricks

Are methods how to remove their facial hair, there are many but not all are suitable for every woman

Millions of women worldwide mourn over their so-called facial hair.The fine hairs that grow around the mouth and lips are often perceived as very disturbing and regarded as absolute beauty flaw.Most if not all are keen to remove their facial hair.Mostly dark-haired women are affected, since the contrast with the dark hair to lighter skin and thus can be more easily perceived.In addition, the growth of hair in dark-haired women is often much stronger than in blond.The intensity of the hair growth is genetically determined and depends thus not necessarily coincide with the hair color.That is, quite blond women can also have a very strong facial hair, then the color is indeed unremarkable, but is visible in broad daylight, as the long, fine hairs protruding.Remedy against the pesky downy hair can create a variety of ways.However, before removing the facial hair, you should first determine their types.There are two types of women’s beards.They are classified under long, scattered hairs that grow on the right and left of the mouth (type 1), and many small hairs above the lips (type 2).At the first types are best Epilationsmethoden, whereas the second type, the simple Depilationsmethoden suffice.

Methods for type I
For long hair use a hair removal cream is recommended.For about 5 euros you can buy them at any drug store and use depilatory creams at home easily yourself.When buying one should be careful a depilatory cream for sensitive skin choose to sensitive facial skin is not irritated too.If you want to remove their facial hair without suffering to dig deep in the pocket of the pain, this method is best.It bears a small amount of hair removal cream on the treated part, letting it stand for 10 minutes approximately, until the hairs curl and dilute.Then transmits it to the ground, along with the hair just for the special spatula again and flushes the lip area then rinse with lukewarm water.The application must be repeated every 2-3 weeks.Can remove facial hair is also an epilator or wax, but this is associated with pain, but also last longer.Who reacts allergic to wax or depilatory creams that can remove the fine hairs with Halawa.Halawa is a thick mixture of sugar and lemon juice and is a traditional and natural method of hair removal.

Methods for type II
In this type, one must not think alike to the epilating, if you want to remove his facial hair.A bleaching cream does it well and also prepares any pain.Since by bleaching the hair can be lightened, they are barely visible.There are bleaching creams that are specifically designed for the face and can therefore be used without risk.This method is fast and inexpensive.Another advantage is that you must repeat the procedure once every 2 months.If you want to permanently remove facial hair, who must be treated with a laser, which is of course more expensive.By plucking or even shaving is not recommended for both types strictly.Not only that plucking is time consuming and hurts, it also irritates the skin much more, which can lead to small, red bumps.Of razors best the finger because the hairs can grow faster and spiny.

Remove facial hair - tips and tricks

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