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Review Of Oriflame Products

Do you know what Oriflame products are? Well for the information of the readers we would like to mention that Oriflame was established in the year 1967 in the place of Sweden. It was all set up by the joint supervision of Jons and Robert at Jochnick and their friend Bengt Hellsten. If we define this term then we would say that it is basically known out to be the pack all inside the home business arena. It is currently known out to be the fastest growing direct selling beauty companies. They are presently ruling in almost 61 countries and in almost half of the countries they are named out to be the market leaders. This product company has been all aimed in sharing out with the high-quality beauty products as well as an exceptional chance to stick together their sales power and come up with your own personal business. In simple we can say that with the help of Oriflame you would be able to make your own business to be identified inside the market globally.

Review Of Oriflame Products


Introduction to Oriflame Products:

Oriflame products are identified out to be the very first company that comes up with the utilization of their plant extracts in skincare products. Most of their products have been all originated from fruits, flowers and plants. Some of the main features about Oriflame are:

  1. This company is earning almost 1.3 billion Euros in annual sales.
  2. They have almost 3.1 million consultants.
  3. There are almost 7 500 employee working within Oriflame.
  4. They sell out almost 900 products each single year.
  5. It is named up to be the co founder of World Childhood Foundation.
  6. Its top 5 production units are established inside Sweden, Poland, China, Russia and India.
  7. In the year 2004 Oriflame products were registered on the OMX Nordic Exchange.
  8. Its products are just based on the natural ingredients and it has never been tested on the animals.
  9. They are currently operating in almost 61 countries by setting up almost 13 franchisees.

One of the best things about Oriflame products is that they are even involved in offering out with the cash bonuses and dissimilar incentive programs as well. Now many people have questioned in their minds that how they can make their business successful through the way of Oriflame. Well for that reason you should know that how can you carry out the branding of your product. This is one of the most important features to make your place within market.

We hope that by this article you must have gained enough information about Oriflame products! Was these details informative for you?

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