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Right Makeup Base: How To Choose Right Makeup Base

There are many women who always find the trouble in choosing with the right and best makeup base. When you are applying makeup then for its perfect application base plays one of the main roles. It is one such thing that allows the makeup to complete your face flawless and ideal looking for others. No matter whether you are carrying out with simple makeup, bridal makeup, party makeup, smokey makeup or glittering makeup you have to make the use of base or foundation for giving away the attractive look to the whole face.

2 Main Purposes of Makeup Base:

  1. Apply before the makeup for giving texture image.
  2. Apply at the end of the makeup for giving finishing look.

Normally makeup has been divided into three main categories i.e. dewy, matte, or satin. Dewy will be all involved in leaving the face light and slightest natural without any sort of shine. On other side satiny makeup with going to give away natural strokes to the makeup by leaving it little shimmering and matte will be giving dry flavor to the skin tone.

Following are some of the common types of makeup base for the makeup application:

  1. Liquid Makeup: When you are making the choice of liquid makeup then you have to make the best choice of color that matches alongside with your skin tone color as well. You should be testing the color in the daylight or either within fluorescent light. You can get them in bottle form in the coverage of light, medium, or full. It is all categorized into three different terms i.e. oil-free base, a water-base or a moisturizing base. You can apply it with the help of using fingertips as well but the best way would be making the use of a foundation application brush or a damp foam wedge.
  2. Mineral Makeup: If you want your skin to appear light in tone then you should make the choice of mineral makeup. As much you will going to apply the base the more coverage it will be giving up to the skin.
  3. Cream-to-Powder: For moving out you should make the use of cream-to-powder makeup foundation or base. This base is usually accessible in the form of compact. The best thing about these foundations is that they will going to fade up easily as compare to rest of the foundations. Coverage will be from light to medium.

So this was all in view about the type of makeup base that will help you out to know that how can you choose the foundation for your skin types. Get hold over the perfect ones!


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