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Rimmel Mascara Volume assessment Flash

Is always looking for the perfect mascara volume (when will my membership to Mascaraoliques anonymous ;-), I still bought another this week, which was recommended by a colleague. I thought she was beautiful eyelashes, very thick for my taste, that is to say, very very thick! I then asked her what was waiting for me to mascara brand expensive, but what was my surprise when I revealed the origin of his so beautiful lashes: Mascara Rimmel Volume Flash! This is proof that you can find great prices mascara. So I asked what would happen to me and I tested the next day. Here is my assessment of this product.


Rimmel Volume Flash

Rimmel Volume Flash

Category: Mascara

Name: Volume Flash

Brand: Rimmel

Price: Around $ 9 AC / € 8

Overall Rating: Evaluation 4 etoiles

Key Features:

Instant-thickening Mascara

-Brush thin enough that reaches all lashes

-5X more volume

-Good resistance

-Does not stain, does not run

Available colors: 3

Description officiell e: Lock and Load formula mascara Rimmel Volume Flash adheres to lashes for instant results. You get 5 x the volume in a snap. Ophtalmmologiques tested, suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens porteusese.

Personal Assessment: This mascara has answered my expectations. I got a dramatic volume and very quickly. I hate to take three hours and need to reapply hundreds of layers (I may be exaggerating a bit 😉 for a suitable volume. Volume with Flash, everything is super fast. Once the first coat, lashes are already thick and if we add a second layer, the effect is super glamorous.

The brush works really well, because it is quite thin, which is more accurate. In addition, it does not packets.The eyelashes do not empâtent, despite that the formula is very thick.

Volume Flash dries quickly, which saves us a lot of time in the morning! 😉

I also appreciated the holding: no stains, no smudges, no flakes. The only thing I could fault it is that after several hours (end of day), the eyelashes are a bit steep (they are not flexible) and they can take a bad habit, especially when you have an eyelid Arched top like me. If not I have nothing else to blame.

So I can say that this mascara is now part of my favorites in the category of volume mascaras and I’m really pleased, especially because it did not cost much at all!


Volume-dramatic snapshot

Dries quickly-

Brush-easy to use

-Good resistance


-The lashes are dry and stiff after a few hours

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