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Room Colors: Recommendation for the new coat of paint

The personal mood can be influenced in their own homes on the chosen room colors that were chosen for each room

Colors influence our mood.In winter we often comes before everything gray and bleak.When spring comes, with fresh colors, we feel much more comfortable.This should lead to room colors in their own homes are carefully chosen.

The yellow color creates a positive atmosphere, enhances concentration and makes you want to have sex.Yellow is the ideal color for the dining room or the kitchen, but also a little lit rooms benefit from a yellow paint.If this color is used as a wall color, it has a warming and invigorating, as a ceiling color even mentally stimulating.

This color exudes comfort and warmth, promotes appetite and sociability.It provides a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere and is considered a social color.Room colors as it is for both the kitchen and the dining room, as well as for rooms with little light ideal and gives the room a wall color heat.If one uses it as a ceiling color, it makes the room below and is highly stimulating.

This color should not be dominant in one room.You may set pulses that stimulate physical and mental, and thus promote the physical work.Furthermore, red stimulates the desire for sex.If you keep too much time spent in a red room, you will be irritable, restless, and it looks cramped.Since this color stimulates the appetite, they should not be used in the kitchen.As wall color it makes the room look smaller, it acts as a ceiling color troubling and difficult.

Blue is calm, relaxed and balanced.In small rooms, they increased this visually, but it may give too much coolness.Particularly well suited as a blues room colors for the bedroom.It can act as a wall color remote and cold as ceiling paint them an invitation to dream.

This color is soothing and creative.Green spaces with a vitalising effect and relaxing.It is ideal for living and working spaces.As wall color, they can act as a hedge umfriedende as ceiling paint everywhere and hegend.

More colors
Pink reduces aggression and acts as a wall color insubstantial and weak, rather than ceiling paint translucent.It is well suited for the bedroom.Purple and violet to curb sexual desire and appetite, considered therefore deal with this color in bedroom and dining room and kitchen.It acts as a wall color down provoking, depressing as ceiling paint.Brown room colors can be used in almost all the rooms in the house because they have a calming effect and radiate coziness.Bright shades as wall color can easily invigorating, darker look more solid and compact.As ceiling light brown color tones appear zudeckend, oppressively dark and heavy.
Room Colors: Recommendation for the new coat of paint

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