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Save on your eyes with pencils Annabelle and Marcelle

Previously, I was a big fan of eyeliner Eye Shine Lise Watier, a Canadian brand. These are pencils that have a creamy texture and ultra-slippery (they are so easy to apply and blend!), But once dry, remain in place. Inaddition, their finish is iridescent, which brightens the eye. They are available in 14 colors! But the problem is that these pencils cost $ 18 CA. We find this type of pencil in several other companies, at similar prices.


But I ‘ve recently discovered much more affordable versions and brands with the same benefits as Quebec: Annabelle and Marcelle. And we can not talk much to compare prices: three pencils are 1.2 grams!

Comparaison de 3 marques de crayons contour des yeux semblables, mais à des prix différents

Comparison of three brands of eye pencils similar, but at different prices


Just to show an example of comparison that will save you: we find most colors equity in one or the other brands. The color is not exactly the same, but often quite similar to that wishes to save between 7 and $ 12 for a single pencil!

In my example: Lise Watier Peacock shade and nuance Marcelle Caribbean. In Annabelle, there is also the color Jade (see below) is also similar, and again Marcelle, Emerald color, which is also close to this range.

Peacock (en haut) et Caraïbes (en bas)

Peacock (top) and the Caribbean (bottom)

2 nuances sur la peau

2 shades on the skin

I did the same exercise with three shades of blue on my skin (top to bottom): Marcelle Electric Blue, Deep Blue and Lise Watier Marcelle Blue Lagoon. Just say that with Deep Blue and Blue Lagoon, I am tempted to $ 7 in my pocket!

3 nuances de bleu sur ma peau

3 shades of blue on my skin

The brand offers the range of Annabelle Smoothliners, available in 7 shades pigmented. The Smoothliners are sold for $ 6.50 CA.

I tested (left to right): Bronze, Brown, Black, Metal Daze, Gunmetal, and Jade Meteorite.

7 couleurs du Smoothliner d'Annabelle

7 colors Smoothliner Annabelle

All shades do not necessarily have a metallic finish (some are more matte), but all the pencils have a super creamy texture and slippery. They also have a good performance when dry! They are waterproof, long lasting and hypoallergenic!

When Marcelle, it offers no less than 16 colors in the form of its waterproof eye pencil. The pencils are sold at $ 10.95 CAD.

I tested (left to right): Deep Charcoal, Taupe, Espresso, Mulberry, Purple Rain, Indigo, Electric Blue, Blue Lagoon, Caribbean and Emerald Green Metal.

11 couleurs du Crayon hydrofuge pour les yeux de Marcelle

11 Colors Crayon Waterproof Eye Marcelle

Marcelle pencils also have different finishes, matte to pearl and are also waterproof and hypoallergenic.They are also resistant to moisture and heat, unscented and can be easily removed with a mild cleanser.

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