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Scar treatment – home remedies

The self-treatment should be for a longer period, because the skin needs a lot of time in order to regenerate and recover.

Scars must be treated sufficiently over a long period.This perseverance is rewarded with a satisfactory skin that with proper care, the scar tissue is elastic and soft and also functional and is less noticeable.

The scar treatment with homeopathy
By many health practitioners, homeopathy for effective scar treatment is applied.For scar treatment is recommended classical homeopathy various means.That means D 12 Silicea helps old scars and rupturing, here are taken twice daily for five globules.Homeopathy refers to the means of calcium fluorite D 12, to accelerate the healing of scars and to achieve a cosmetically aesthetic scar.Again, the dose is given twice daily for five globules.That means Graphites C 30 to be beneficial for the general treatment of scars.The active ingredient Graphites D 12 is designed to help raised scar tissue, which is inflamed, and it be taken twice daily for five globules.That means Causticum D 12 is recommended for burn scars, which have problems with wound healing, and here also are taken twice daily for five globules.Staphysagria D6 should contribute to optimal healing of cuts and the dosage is three times daily for five globules.

The scar treatment with Schuessler salts
For scar treatment is recommended also called Schuessler salts, these are a variation of classical homeopathy and also promise action.For the healing of a scar to the Schuessler salts number 3 – Ferrum Phosphoricum, Number 4 – contribute potassium chloratum and number 11 Silicea.For scar care to number 1 – Fluoratum calcium and potassium chloratum number help 4.When hardening of connective tissue also is renewable Number 1 – where calcium Fluoratum.

Additional funds for scar care
The Bach Flower therapy is an alternative medical procedure that also provides for the treatment of scars, such as the emergency ointment Dr. Bach.Swedish Bitters is the means it as an ointment and as a tincture and is recommended by an Austrian specialist in the field of herbal medicine and alternative therapies.Against painful scars recommends Eva Aschenbrenner use their triple-cream, it contains herbs such as raspberry leaves, lavender and yarrow.Often the treatment of scars one Narbengel is recommended that this be applied every day.These include aloe vera gel, and Contrctubex Keloidgel.Also oils are tried and tested home remedies, including the essential Cistrosen√∂l, calendula oil, wheat germ oil and St. John’s wort oil.A calendula cream and other ointments should be able to positively influence the scarring.

Scar treatment - home remedies

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