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Sea salt scrub – good for the skin

Farewell to the “old skin”: a sea salt scrub helps quickly become pure, radiant skin and a relaxing wellness

Sea salt is one of the oldest cosmetics and does not need any additives.It is produced in salt marshes or other methods from the sea water contains sodium chloride and also potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and manganese.A sea salt bath or sea salt scrub stimulates blood circulation of the skin, this gives moisture and has an astringent, which shrinks the pores and blemishes are reduced.In addition to the physical well-being, a treatment with sea salt also relieves on the psyche.

Use of sea salt scrub and sea salt bath
A scrub with sea salt is for the rapid application – such as taking a shower – suitable, the scrub in a circular motion is massaged into the skin and subsequently rinsed it with warm water.The skin will be thoroughly cleaned and pores and very smooth, due to the moisturizing effect of the salt it is also very smooth.
For a sea salt bath as opposed to peeling sufficient time should be scheduled.A bath requires about half a kilogram of sea salt that is dissolved in 37 ° C water.The bath should last no longer than half an hour and ended with a subsequent period of rest in order not to overtax your circulation.

Sea salt scrub made ​​himself
A sea salt scrub is particularly well suited for the care of dry or blemished skin and can even in problematic cases such as psoriasis or eczema act positively.First, the choice of the right salt is important, here is to ensure good quality.In the pharmacy, the health food store or well-stocked drugstores you can choose between fine and coarse sea salt.The former is less aggressive for the facial skin and also because of the finer consistency for a homemade scrub of good.The sea salt alone does not really do not scrub, because it in itself can damage the protective layer of the skin.To counteract this, products should be added to the act in addition caring.However, you should pay attention to the needs of your skin – choose pure essential oils or fresh herbs that give your skin what it needs.Olive oil, cheese, milk, cream or honey are particularly suited for, from the salt to produce a smooth paste.For a full-body exfoliation about four tablespoons of sea salt with a tablespoon of oil or two tablespoons of milk to.Similarly, the sea salt scrub from two tablespoons of sea salt, a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of milk are prepared.The imagination knows no limits – you now have yourself the opportunity to determine what you want to do your skin good.

The proper use
The peel is then applied to the body and massaged in with gentle, circular movements.Then the sea salt scrub is rinsed with warm water – best to wear thereafter on a nourishing cream or massage some olive oil into the still moist skin.Sea salt scrub away dead skin and opens the pores, making the skin is optimally prepared for a treatment with oils or herbs, seeing these substances in the course of treatment is particularly well absorbed.In addition, the circulation is stimulated and the minerals and trace elements of the salt promote detoxification of the internal organs.

Sea salt scrub - good for the skin

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