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Shades of eye shadow to wear according to the color of your eyes

To highlight your eyes, certain colors of eye shadow are promoting.

Many people mistakenly believe that by applying the same color as their eye iris, the effect will be more beautiful, but it is a mistake to avoid. Must minimally use the same color as your eyes. It will “turn off” your eyes.

If for example you have green eyes and hold you to use green on your eyes because your dress is in the same color, apply a different variant of green than your eyes as an eye emerald or forest green for eyes light green. You can also combine this color with another in a complementary harmony. For example, you have blue eyes and you definitely want to use blue. Take a blue with a sub-tone different than your iris and combine it with a dark brown or bronze shadow. The result will be very nice.

Here are some suggestions of ideal colors to wear according to the color of your eyes or to help correct some common problems.

Blue eyes

Coral, copper, orange, gold, bronze, beige yellow earth tones.

Green eyes

Plum, purple, copper, orange, purple, burgundy, brown red.

Brown eyes

Brown eyes have an advantage over the other colors, because they can afford almost all shades of makeup.By cons, variations of pink, blue, plum, purple, turquoise, emerald or the coal will even more value!


If you have a lot of redness in the eyes, the following colors are to be avoided: Plum, purple, copper, pink, orange, purple, reddish brown and all shades of green.

For cons, the following colors are preferred: blue variants (especially marine) and neutrals (warm brown, gray, beige).


Identified an eye should avoid shades of blue, plum, purple, gray, purple or burgundy, but a good concealer for medium to full coverage you can apply all desired colors!


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