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Shiny Hair: natural treatments adapted to dry hair

You have dry, dull hair, curly, curly, frizzy or afro? Your hair is unruly and looking for a solution for hair shiny, soft and frizz free? Here are my tips and recipes simple oil baths vegetable oils and essential oils to successfully get shiny hair.

Why is it so hard to get shiny hair?

The hair is dry and dull because of oil that does not flow well along the hair. The light does not reflect on the missing hair oil. So the hair is not shiny.

On dry hair, the scales are “open”, which prevents the sebum flow and its role. Sebum serves to protect the hair from drying out through the lipid film (a little fat) it leaves on the hair and allowing just to have hair shiny and smooth.

Finally, because of these scales that are “open”, the hair becomes dull, brittle and unsightly. The solution is to find ingredients that will mimic the benefits of sebum on the hair.

Oil baths to get shiny and smooth hair


The bath oils are what are called pre-shampoo. That is to say, it should be applied to dry hair before shampooing and leave for 15 minutes to overnight. There is one or a mixture of oils.


I guess you say houlala, but I’m having my very oily hair! Cheveux brillants : soins naturels adaptés aux cheveux secsbeaute


No, I think care oils are extraordinarily effective to nourish hair, make your shiny, soft and smoothhair. They will not make you fat as a shampoo afterwards.

myself have tested some oil on my dry hair (long hair, dry the roots completely lengths and ends, broken). I noticed a change from the first test: the hair is soft, shinier sheathed less frizz.

My favorite oils are avocado and coconut. This treatment is top because it is very easy to performand more oils to keep a long time (at least 6 months).

The adapted for dry dull hair, vegetable oils, afros, curly, curly


  • Lawyer: beautifies hair, it makes them shiny and brings vigor. Incidentally, it stimulates hair growth and slow their fall.


  • Sapote: nourishes, facilitates combing, adds shine to the hair and a soft touch. It is very popular for curly hair, curly, afros or colored.


  • Coco: nourishes, smoothes the hair, makes brilliant and vigorous. It is very popular for curly hair, curly, afros, dull. This is a formidable anti-lice oil.


  • Baobab embellished, nourishes and protects hair. It compensates for the lack of grease at the tips. It is very popular for hair / spikes breaking (s), split, dull, frizzy afro.


  • Brazil nuts: it nourishes the hair thoroughly. It is very popular for fine hair, damaged and dry and damaged ends.


  • Castor: it strengthens hair, moisturizes and promotes hair growth. It is very popular for dull hair, split, brittle or damaged ends and the fight against hair loss.


  • Yangu: it protects and nourishes the hair, protects color-treated hair and discipline curly hair. It is very popular for damaged hair, colored, curly, frizzy, unruly and afros.


  • Shea olein: prevents dehydration of the hair, restores radiance and strength to damaged hair. It protects hair color and extends their brilliance. It is very popular for coarse hair, brittle, split ends, frizzy afro, curly or colored.





The essential oil to make hair shiny


The essential oil of ylang-ylang   : Adds shine to the hair, slow hair loss and stimulates their growth.


Place a drop of essential oil of ylang-ylang on your dab of shampoo, mix and go! It remains only shampoo Cheveux brillants : soins naturels adaptés aux cheveux secsbeaute

How to make its bath oils for dry hair?


1 / You can choose one oil (even 2 or 3) mentioned in the above list according to your hair and your expectations.


2 / Pour the equivalent of 4 tablespoons of oil in a soup bowl (or more if you have long hair).


3 / You can also add the essential oil of ylang-ylang: for 4 c. tablespoons oil, add 14 drops of essential oil of ylang-ylang (about 2%) and mix.


4 / Apply your mixture over the entire length of your hair dry (by dry I mean they are not wet Cheveux brillants : soins naturels adaptés aux cheveux secsbeaute  ), Not to mention pointes.Laisser be at least 15 minutes, you can leave it on overnight for best results. To do this, wrap your hair in the cellophane and put a shower cap to be sure not to stain your sheets. Personally, I’ve never done, it will tell me to sleep with the cellophane on the head and the base I do the minimum to have beautiful hair. Cheveux brillants : soins naturels adaptés aux cheveux secsbeaute


5 / Make your shampoo and conditioner after you and / or your nourishing mask.


6 / When you rinse your hair after you shampoo your nourishing mask, rinse with the most fresh water as possible and with the least possible, limestone (dull hair) to tighten the scales of your hair.


How to choose a shampoo and mask?


If your hair is dry at the roots to the tips:


  • I suggest you choose a shampoo enriched with oils or butter that will nourish your hair and make it softer and shinier.


  • For the mask, I advise you to choose enriched + + + + + in oils, butters. Choose the most fat possible and of course it must sheath the hair to tighten the scales and make sure your hair will be shiny and must unravel.


If your hair is normal to the roots and dry on the lengths and ends (like mine Cheveux brillants : soins naturels adaptés aux cheveux secsbeaute  ):


  • I suggest you choose a mild shampoo from the simplest level of composition, that is to say just “detergent” to wash your hair and scalp of course. Do not choose a shampoo enriched with oils or butter as your normal hair at the root and they will grease too quickly if you choose a shampoo enriched with fats.


  • For the mask, I advise you to choose this time enriched + + + + + in oils, butter. Choose the fattest possible and of course it must sheath the hair to tighten the scales and make that your hair will be shiny and must unravel.


For those / those who love tambouiller homemade cosmetics, I highly recommend this recipe for a suitable mask to dry hair . He feels divinely good Monoi and it works really well (on me anyway Cheveux brillants : soins naturels adaptés aux cheveux secsbeaute  )





  • Essential oils can be irritating or allergenic. It is best to do an allergy test before use (apply on the bend essential oils diluted in vegetable oil and wait 24 h or 48 h)
  • Essential oils should not be applied to pregnant women (at least from the 4th pregnancy) and children with care. Talk to a therapist before use.
  • Essential oils are not suitable for people with epilepsy.


The information on this blog are for informational purposes. I wish to inform you that I accept any liability for your use of ET on yourself or another person. Always refer to your doctor to treat you.



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