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Side of Korea.. madness BB cream (VIP Gold Collection SKIN79 Super BB)



For this review, I take a small detour to Korea, which is known in terms of cosmetics through BB creams.


BB creams, what is it?

BB cream Blemish Balm cream means. The product is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and acne-prone skin, which acts as both makeup and skin care.

They improve the appearance of skin, hide dark circles and acne scars, and have a glowing complexion without the effect mask of foundation. In the long term, they improve the texture of the skin and help to reduce acne scars.

Often there are only one or two colors available: indeed, the BB cream adapts to medium complexions clear. Therefore it is not suitable for darker skin.

Like virtually all products Asian skin, they have a UV protection.

For the record, they were designed by German dermatologists to soothe and repair the skin after laser surgery.

Shortly after, Korean stars have begun to use them … And given the kind of fans that are Asians, they became popular in the blink of an eye.


I’ll talk about the brand SKIN79 and more specifically their VIP Gold Collection Super Plus Beblesh Balm SPF25 PA + + . because, yes ladies and ladies, this BB cream contains gold and … extract caviar!



Even the packaging is bling!


Here is the description of this BB cream-style bling:


Adenosine, arbutin and titanium dioxide are anti-wrinkle, UV protection (SPF25 PA + +) * and whitening.

Osmopur complex (based on rice bran, sunflower and ivy extract) provides protection against various attacks.

The phytocomplex helps to moisturise the skin.

The aloe, green tea and Potulacaceae provide suppleness to the skin.

The skin is nourished with the coenzyme, Vitamin E and sweet almond oil.

Gold and caviar give elasticity to the skin.


NB: I am not responsible for the description, which is sometimes incoherent

  • what “various attacks”?
  • What is that their “phyto”?
  • And coenzyme what?


* The whitening is a very popular cosmetic ownership among Asians. No, it is not a skin depigmentation as Michael Jackson, but the attenuation spots due to the sun and particularly a “clarification” (more light) complexion.


BB cream is contained in a plastic pump bottle, which contains 40g of product (I do not know what is the equivalent mL). FYI, I used it for 2 seasons everyday. In addition, it takes very little product (a hazelnut).

The pump is very convenient, but the product is not very fluid, so that when you pump it out in a “turd.”And that we can not see when the product ends. But this is a detail.


The product is gray out of the bottle, but do not worry, it melts quickly in your complexion.





Oh my God, but how am I going to put it on my face??


Answer: bah if, in fact, I can … Just as it’s pretty

(Note the effect = dewy fresh, bright, cleared)



It is rather difficult to spread because not very fluid.

It is not drying but not moisturizing either. Mixed dry skin, do not forget your usual day cream before!Or mix it with the BB cream.

Coverage level, I would say average. For those who have large imperfections to hide, do not zap step fig leaf.

I do not have wrinkles so I can not say at anti-aging but still smooth skin.

After application, my skin is brighter and my pores are less noticeable.

It has a sun protection for those who fear the least sunlight. SPF25 is good for summer in the city.

And it is very comfortable, no mask effect as foundation.

By cons, and that I expected, it does not eliminate acne scars.

Overall, this is a makeup that care.




I loved the fact that it brings light to the skin, it gives a “fresh beautiful skin” without fixed as a foundation.

Yes, I would recommend it for those with clear complexions or clear (but not medium, because the difference in color may be) those who want a color “nude” (“my skin when I wake up fresh after 8am sleep “). But be careful to bring his face cream!

For cons, I hated the fact that it is difficult to apply …

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