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Simple Henna Patterns 2014 For Eid

Are you searching for some of the amazing and simple henna patterns 2014 for Eid? Well we all know that there is no single woman who doesn’t love to apply the stunning looking mehndi designs that give them the best chance to add the beautiful feel on top of their hands and feet. As you will going to look inside the fashion market you will going to find so many designs and styles of mehndi designs. Just like the clothing styles the trends of the mehndi designs have been appearing with certain varieties.

Main Types of Mehndi Designs:

There are basically three main types of mehndi designs:

  1. Indian mehndi designs
  2. Pakistani mehndi designs
  3. Arabic mehndi designs

If we talk about the quality of each one of these mehndi designs then all of them are different looking from one another. In the section of Pakistani mehndi designs you will be finding the mehndi designs that are quite a lot simple and plain in application. Some of the common designs that are included inside the Pakistani mehndi designs are circle designs, floral designs, motif designs, pattern designs and so many others. For the religious functions and Eid women usually capture the mehndi designs of this category so that they can apply it with own self help.

In addition for the Arabic mehndi designs as well we do have the mehndi designs with the patterns that is quite similar with the Pakistani mehndi designs. Few of the common mehndi designs that is added inside the Arabic mehndi designs are circle designs, floral designs, motif designs, pattern designs and so many more. On the last mentioning about the Indian mehndi designs it is little different as compare to Pakistani and Arabic mehndi designs. In this category you will going to find the mehndi designs that are intricate and complicated in designing. This is the main reason that it is much choosen by the women for the wedding functions.

In this post we would love to share some images of stunning and simple heena patterns 2014 for Eid. All the designs are so unique looking that you will going to love choosing them all. Find the best mehndi design pattern right now and make this Eid 201 special and memorable one.

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