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Simple Tips For Applying Oil To Hair

Some of the women are not well aware from the tips for applying oils to hair. Oiling the hairs play one of the major roles in giving the hairs with the proper and best growth that makes their hairs thick and silky-smooth. Now as we are talking about the tips for applying oils to hair then we are sure that this post will going to let the women the actual way of oil application.

Method and Simple Tips for Applying Oil to Hair

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  1. You can make the choice of finding with the shampoo of Multani Clay. You can even make it at home by adding almost 100 gm multani clay in water. Now after two hours you have to apply this paste into the hair scalp and after few wash the hair after 5-10 minutes in winters with warm water and normal water in summers. If you want to get silky and long hairs with the cooling effect in it then you can use it twice times in one week.
  2. You can even try with the shampoo of flour of gram pulses. You just have to apply paste of flour of gram pulse made by means of water on the hair twice a week and wash the hand after an hour. This will going to keep the hairs as all away from the itching or cures boils in the head.
  3. You can add one-gram black pepper in 100 gm of curd and apply in the scalp. This is one of the main and important tips for applying oils to hair. You can make the use of this paste once in a week. This will going to stop the hair falling and hair loss issues.
  4. You can even try making the paste of adding eclipta alba, black sesame, dry emblica myrobalan and sugar candy in equal quantities. You have to take almost six grams in the morning on top of an empty stomach daily and drink 250 gm of milk over it.
  5. If you want to keep the hairs away from the hair fall then you can make the mash beetroot leaves in heena paste and apply on top of the head. This even helps to cures dandruff.

So try with these best tips for applying oils to hair right now. We are sure that you will going to get rid from the oily hairs in just one week!

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