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Skin of the bride: your treatment program

Limpieza de cutis para novias
Skin Care for bride

The bride must have perfect facial skin, because it will be the center of attention of all the wedding day. Skin care with a special bride, you will have a bright face and an intense look, essential for your big day.

Limpieza de cutis perfecta para novias

Heal your skin before marriage is essential

Between the decision and the date of the wedding preparations are made, spend only a few months, the time required for any remaining prepare zen . However, do not forget the importance of preparing your skin and beauty issues. We offer a schedule to treat your skin and achieve a skin care for bride that will sparkle and freshness to your face.

Three months before, make an appointment in a beauty salon to make a diagnosis and identify the treatments you need.

Limpieza de cutis profunda

Cleaning skin depth allows among others to eliminate dead cells

A month and a half before, it is necessary to cleanse your skin thoroughly to facilitate the penetration of products and treatments to make your makeup fits perfectly. Cleaning skin for bride is a sensitive issue, so it must be entrusted to experienced hands. Deep cleaning is a treatment to remove impurities from the skin (dead skin cells, blackheads and comedones). In addition to cleaning, you must maintain your skin every day, cleaning it with the right products and applying a mask every two weeks.

Consigue una piel con frescura there elasticidad

Get skin fresh and elastic

The day before the wedding, it is essential to apply a facial treatment with pure oxygen and the active ingredients that penetrate skin cells, giving the skin elasticity and freshness.

With all these tips, you will get a perfect complexion which will transmit all your happiness and joy to get married

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