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Sleep Disorders – What to Do?

In a century, the average time of sleep of Western populations decreased by about 1:30.The causes of this decline have led pathologies including one very common sleep disorders is.

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping, and even if all the functions of sleep are not known, we know for example that involved in memory processes and physical recovery.Sleep disorders result from an interaction between biological vulnerability and stress each associated with sleep.Inappropriate reactions are added (self, naps …) that aggravate symptoms.

Various sleep disorders
Sleep disorders can be divided into two parts: dysomnies and parasomnias.The disturbances are dysomnies quantity, the quality of sleep, or both.Include eg primary insomnia where there is difficulty maintaining sleep throughout the night.Parasomnias are passing disturbances sleep – that disrupt sleep.Include night terrors where the individual wakes up several times abruptly, with a cry of terror, at the beginning of sleep.

Remedy sleep disorders
Before resorting to a drug solution, most of the time, sleep disorders may fade adopting a healthy sleep.Some behaviors are to be avoided, such as taking caffeine or caffeine after 14h, the practice of exciting activities before bedtime (sports, horror), smoking around the room, or sleep in a room too hot or too cold (below 18 degrees).Conversely, it is advisable to do sports during the day, not to bed hungry aillant, practice activities other than sleep out of the room or to create a pleasant environment for sleep.For adults, it is better to go to bed when fatigue is felt (not before).If after 30 minutes, there is not sleep, it is better to leave the room and practice a quiet subdued lighting up tired.
Sleep Disorders - What to Do?

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