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Slim belly – yoga exercises are easy for home

Accelerating the digestive fire, some yoga exercises help to lose weight belly.

In yoga, exercise, bending and torsion can lose weight belly.They accelerate the digestion, increasing the digestive fire (food processing) and waste disposal.


  • Performed standing, sitting or lying, all the postures of the spine twisting yoga are helpful for weight loss belly. The twists are always on exhalation. They activate and cleansing the body, like a rag that wrong. Take for example a twist made up.
  • The starting point is the following: Stand with feet parallel, arms along the body (Samasthiti).Then, inspiration, arms stood completely, that is to say until the fingers pointing toward the ceiling.
  • Then, at the end, without moving your feet, turn the trunk, from the pelvis to the right, and the arms are lowered to deposit both hands on the right hip. The head is turned to the right and look towards the rear, behind the shoulder.
  • On inspiration, the body returns to the axis or center, and arms rise again. Then, the next expiration, it does the same thing as before, but this time, it has a rotation to the left.

Other postures and kâpalabâti

  • Diet belly, postures closure, that is to say, the bending of the trunk, are beneficial. So the clip is sitting or standing assets. The clamp stand, called uttanasana is performed as follows: in Samasthiti, arms stood on inspiration and expiration, it flexes the trunk from the hips, knees bent if necessary, to file hands on the ground on either side of the feet.
  • After performing postures bending and torsion can be called kâpalabâti few breaths. This breathing, performed sitting, back straight, is to expel air sharply and strongly through the nostrils.
  • Slightly tucked, belly is very involved in the movement of the breath. The focus is only on the exhalation, inhalation following the pace naturally. The anus is contracted up and the rest of the body is relaxed.

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