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Small rooms – great effect

To make a small area look great, you do not necessarily give up large pieces of furniture.On the contrary – equipment with large dimensions can contribute to the depth of the room.While there are several rules to ensure that the viewer behind suspected no delusions of grandeur, and of small spaces can be a lot to get to size.

All-purpose tips

  • Do you want a small room great impact? Then take advantage of every nook and corner Smurf. But do not overload these areas do not, but try to make this angle with little pompous furniture.
  • Mirrors give even the smallest space depth. Pick out a wall where a large mirror can be attached. You will feel the illusion of doubling the surface area immediately.
  • The view from the window creates distance. So use any dark and heavy curtains, but you opt for translucent and bright curtains. The day should be a clear view wherever possible.

Sizes in a small space


  • Opt instead for a large canvas as distribute several small images. This seems chaotic, while a broad and high eyecatcher is more depth in the analysis.
  • Do not abandon a larger sofa or a wall shelf. But just stay on a few pieces of furniture of this size and jazz up the rest of the room with small accents on. Also make the bulk of the furniture, soft and flowing lines to prevent overfilling of the room.
  • Also patterns are allowed, but go so gently. A wall or a larger piece of furniture may well be equipped with a print, which individual colors in the space resumes.

Multipurpose device

  • Do you have limited space and are still a passionate host dinner parties? Think about it again after about an extendable dining table. You can if needed for a formidable increase food while the table for everyday use, for example, acts as a console.
  • Hide folding chairs in a closet until they are needed for a dinner or something similar.Stool can also be converted to side tables and be given when required at the dining table.

Small rooms - great effect

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